It seems that within last couple of years coconut oil has become a great substitution for all kinds of natural therapy uses. As a matter of fact, there are many other uses which are not connected with ones health too.  So, let’s see what this magical oil is first, and then where it can be successfully used…

199 AMAZING Uses of Coconut Oil


Anti-bacterial: it literally kills all the bacteria’s on the surface and within your body.
Anti-carcinogenic: the list of the great benefits of this oil extends to its ability to kill cancer cells.
Anti-fungal: it kills the fungus on your skin and protect you against fungal infections.
Anti-inflammatory: it can also reduce inflammation in the body and heal the affected tissues quickly.
Anti-microbial: some contents of the coconut oil are found in mother’s milk, making it a great substitution for boosting immunity and protecting against many types of infections.
An antioxidant: researches reveal that it accelerates the process of repairing the damaged skin.
Anti-parasitic: literally kills lice, scabies and other harmful parasites in your body.
Anti-protozoa: reduce infections caused by harmful protozoans such as Pneumocystis carinii, Acanthamoeba, Giardia lamblia, Naegleria etc..
Anti-retroviral: researches have proved that it reduces the viral load of HIV virus which cause AIDS.
Anti-viral: it also provide protection against many types of viral infections.
Stops Infection: therefore it kills all the infective agents (such as bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoans, parasites) and fight against inflammations within your body.
There are no side effects – there are no allergies or other discomforting sensations because properly processed coconut oil contains no protein.
It is readily digested that makes the nutrition’s available for quick absorption within the body.
Safe for use on animals and humans.

199 AMAZING Uses of Coconut Oil

Small amounts are recommended for children below the age of 12 (but not recommended for infants, in general). Above 12 years, its advisable to use one teaspoon of coconut oil and observe for any side effects prior to continuous usage. Obese people or those who can tolerate it can use up to 4 tablespoons of oil, but the recommended average dosage is 1-2 tablespoons daily.

There are two types of coconut oil available in the market

  • Refined (or expeller pressed) has no smell or taste so some like to use it for the body, food and other things (though it is generally of inferior quality to unrefined).
  • Unrefined (virgin) coconut oil has a recognizable coconut taste, so can be used for cooking and in juices and smoothies. Scroll to the bottom to check out a sale for it right now that includes a special offer.


  1. Acid Reflux – The easiest way to solve this problem is by taking a tablespoon of coconut oil just after a meal.
  2. Acne – The amazing cleaning characteristic of coconut oil helps to remove all bacteria from the face and prevents acne formation. Use it as a face wash or face cream.
  3. All-natural Spam Alternative – Some people love to add this oil to the roasted meat, preventing the burning of meat without adding unhealthy fat.
  4. Adrenal Gland Defect – Usually the problem occurs as chronic fatigue and coconut oil feeds and repairs the glands.
  5. Aging Skin Spots – These appears on skin, when you grow old or if you are affected with any liver disease. Apply the coconut oil to your face where the age spots have appeared and gently massage the oil into the skin.
  6. After Shaving Balm – Excellent choice for the people who have sensitive skin that can’t use artificial cosmetic preparations (also much better for the planet)
  7. Allergies – People who suffer from seasonal hay fever find relief with these uses.
  8. Alzheimer’s Disease – Research studies say that coconut oil helps in improving memory in Alzheimer’s patients and others with memory issues.
  9. Animal Bites – Apply on the spot where animal has bitten to prevent infections and bruises.
  10. Angina – Mothers can mix coconut oil with food grade peppermint oil or baby cream and massage it on the chests of children.
  11. Asthma and Wheezing – Having coconut oil with food prevents many problems with the suffocating symptoms of asthma
  12. Athlete’s Foot – Having the great anti-fungicidal characteristics, coconut oil is natural choice for the healing of this problem.
  13. Attention Deficit Disorder – This is a psychological disease and research has proved that eating coconut oil with food helps children to recover from attention issues.  It’s no surprise as the brain needs healthy fats to do these things and too many carbs can cloud the brain.
  14. Autism – Intake with food or drinks decreases symptoms, much like for ADD.
  15. Back Pain – Massaging with the coconut oil should help in fast relief of most back pain, but in the long term prevents deeper and more persistent pains.
  16. Baldness – Thanks to coconut oil’s promotion of cell regeneration, it helps in growing new hair.
  17. Birthmarks – It helps them fade and possibly even disappear. Why pay for expensive laser treatment when good coconut oil is readily accessible?
  18. Better Nutrition Absorption – Coconut oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy minerals and helps in better absorption of these ingredients with common food.
  19. Bites – Most obviously for bugs and insects bites. The results are visible after a couple of hours.
  20. Blood Pressure – You can regulate high blood pressure and the problems caused by it.
  21. Breastfeeding – Coconut oil stimulates lactic acid which boosts production of milk.
  22. Bronchial Infection – It can be added to warm drinks or eaten with the food. It eliminates the bacteria causing this infection in the bronchial tree and helps in recovery.
  23. Body Scrub – But only in combination with sugar or coffee. Apply before shower.
  24. Bone Strength – Thanks to the better nutrition usage that comes with coconut oil, the bones are able to be fortified with the vitamins, potassium, and other minerals. For better results, the oil should be eaten with other food, but great results are observed even after regularly massaging into the skin too.
  25. Bowel Function – There are many ways of usage, but it is only by eating it every morning that you will see the best results.
  26. Bronchial Cleaning – Daily usage with hot drinks helps a lot. Just because you are over a cold doesn’t mean you don’t need to clear your lungs. So take this seriously.
  27. Bruises – Literally, just by applying it on the bruises, you can see the cruise disappear in a couple of hours.
  28. Burns – Whether the burns are from sun or open fire, applying coconut oil helps in healing and regenerating the skin, while relieving the pain.
  29. Butter – In more recipes and cuisines than you can imagine, coconut oil can be a healthy substitute for butter and oil.
  30. Cancer – Much research has proved that the steady intake of this oil strengthens the immune system. Mysteriously, these takers of coconut oil have been found free of breast and colon cancer.
  31. Candida – It’s effective against all types of candida infections, especially against Candida Albicans which is commonly found in the colon and affecting the female reproductive system.
  32. Carpal Tunnel Pain – The pain that is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome can be mitigated with coconut oil.
  33. Cataracts – Include daily eating of the coconut oil with food to protect your eyes from formation of cataracts.
  34. Cellulite – Coconut oil rejuvenates wrinkled skin, removes excess fat and water from the skin, and makes it soft and smooth.
  35. Circulation  – Regular massage with coconut oil speeds up blood circulation.
  36. Coconut Ice Cubes – Can you imagine a taste of the juice or smoothie if you make coconut oil ice cubes? Splendid it can be!
  37. Cooking Oil – The lighter version of coconut oil can be used as the substitute for other not-so-healthy oils in the kitchen
  38. Colds – caused by viruses, these problem can be resolved by taking coconut oil mixed in warm drinks or eating with the food.
  39. Constipation – As in any other problem with the colon, this oil increases colon movements, and provides easy passage of stool.
  40. Cuticle Cream – It helps preventing the damaging of the skin and moisturizes the dry skin. This oil is great for applying on cuticles especially on cold days.
  41. Cuts in Sensitive Areas –  Thanks to the antibacterial effect of coconut oil inflammations and infections even in genital regions can be alleviated.
  42. Cystic Fibrosis – Coconut oil helps in promoting healthy lungs and facilitating breathing by helping to clean the blood through its antibacterial activity and immune modulation.
  43. Cystitis –  Many women know how this problem can be painful and persistent. Commonly known as bladder infection, this ailment can be sured with the intake of coconut oil.
  44. Dandruff – Coconut oil helps grown ups as much as babies here. Coconut oil has the ability to restore the skin’s original state by treating dryness.
  45. Deep Treatment for a Hair – Apply it onto your hair before washing and leave it for a couple of minutes. You have soft, shiny hair, which will also grow stronger with regular usage.
  46. Dyed Hair Protector – Apply it on the hair and wash before dying the hair. For maximum protection, repeat after you have dyed the hair.
  47. Decongestant – Use coconut oil to get relief from congestion in chest.
  48. Degenerative Diseases – Many of degenerative diseases can be healed with the intake of coconut oil three times a day.
  49. Deodorant – Yes, a truly natural way for resolving odor issues. Mix it with baking soda for double effects.
  50. Depression – Research has proved that coconut oil can help with psychological problems too.
  51. De-Quervains Tenosynovitis – Same as in many other cases, coconut oil can be used to help in reducing the symptoms of inflamed tendons and just about any other soft or bone tissue problem you can image.
  52. Diabetes – Thanks to its effects on the colon and the glands, it decreases the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood, and thus help manage diabetes.
  53. Diaper Salve – Diapers can cause some serious rashes on your baby’s skin. Apply coconut oil a couple of times a day on the baby’s derriere for improvement.
  54. Dry Eyes – Applying the oil in the corners of the eyes aids in moisturizing dry eyes.
  55. Domestic Animal’s Protection – There are many ways in which coconut oil can help your pets. Parasites, inflammations, bites are some of the areas that coconut oil can help your favorite furry friends with.
  56. Dust Protector – after you cleaned the house apply a thin layer of coconut oil and it will protect the furniture from new dust.
  57. Dysentery – Since coconut oil can kill bacteria and microorganisms which cause the worst infections, it’s effective against dysentery too!
  58. Ear Infection – Melted coconut oil should be put in the ear to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Wipe out carefully with a good Q-tip.
  59. Ear Cleaner – It’s enough to put a drop of the oil on a cotton stick and clean excess wax from the ear.
  60. Eczema – Coconut oil can have dual action on the condition and and symptoms of eczema. You can take it orally or you can also apply it topically on the affected area.
  61. Edema – Coconut oil has a soothing effect on body tissues. It can bring the edema down by calming the tissues.
  62. Endometriosis – Another of many problems faced by women. Can be successfully resolved with coconut oil because of its  ability to boost the immune system, as it helps soothe and repair digestive disorders in general.
  63. Energy Restoration – Just like with chronic fatigue or depression cases, coconut oil can do a lot to restore your energy on an everyday basis and in the long term.
  64. Epilepsy Attack – Daily usage can conspicuously mitigate the number of epilepsy attacks.  Remember the nerves are coated by myelin sheaths, which depend on healthy fat for its strength, just like brain tissue.
  65. Exfoliator – Coconut oil is a great antioxidant and exfoliating. You can get the best of results by mixing it with baking soda or sea salt and using it as a scrub.
  66. Eye Cream – Applying warm coconut oil on wrinkles below the eyes can give you visibly firmer prettier skin.
  67. Eyelashes Growth – A lot of women’s health and beauty magazines suggest that this oil can regenerate your lashes and make them longer and thicker.
    Face Wash – Mix some coconut oil with castor oil or almond oil and replace your face soap with it.
  68. Fever – It sounds counter-intuitive, but a teaspoon of it can help when you have has a fever because it has so many medicinal benefits in its effectiveness against antigens.
  69. Fibrocystic Breast Tissue – Coconut oil has this amazingly impressive ability to remove cysts from the body. It can, indeed, be helpful in naturally taking away fibrocystic breast tissue.
  70. Fitness – Basically the whole body gets better and healthier if you add coconut oil in your daily routine of preparing food or applying skincare.
  71. Flaky Skin – As coconut oil helps in moisturizing the dry skin, it helps with this problem too.
  72. Flu – This oil prevents inflammation and keeps the body cleaner, removing existing harmful bacteria and viruses from the body. It can be added to warm drinks or eaten with food.  Don’t underestimate the power of the flu to hurt you, so be persistent in whatever you do.
  73. Freezer Burn Protection – Nutritionists say that vegetables and meat should be covered with your coconut oil before freezing to protect from freezer burns.
  74. Food Poisoning – Research shows coconut oil has the same effect on the digestive system as active charcoal does.
  75. Gallbladder Disease and Pain – As with other gastrointestinal problems, coconut oil is a godsend for those with gallbladder diseases and the related pain as well.
  76. Gas – It helps remarkably in improving digestion and thus helps combat against gastric problems.
  77. Gastritis – As it clears the digestive tract, it evidently helps in preventing and treating gastritis too.
  78. Genital Warts – Applying twice a day for six weeks consistently, and it should remove all warts from any zone, including genitals.
  79. Glaucoma – Intake of coconut oil through food works against eye problems as severe as glaucoma.
  80. Gonorrhea – it’s hard to say how it does what it does, but it seems that its killing the bacteria and microorganisms helps here as in other problems.
  81. Gout – Taking coconut as a part of your diet consistently may help you if you have gout.
  82. Greater Skin Problems – Many skin problems can be cured and prevented using coconut oil, with the top ones being psoriasis and dermatitis.
  83. Gum Problems – If you suffer from paradentosis rinses your mouth with coconut oil to start reversing your problem.
  84. Helicobacter Pilori – This bacteria linked with stomach ulcers and burns can be killed with special natural properties present in coconut oil.
  85. Hair Gel – You can style your hair perfectly with some coconut oil. But be careful, just a bit of it is enough.
  86. Hair That’s Thick and Long – Try this recipe with coconut oil before washing to increase hair growth for beautiful long hair.
  87. Hair Strengthening – This oil has special effects on body cells. Regenerating them and making them stronger is something coconut oil can do easily. So applying it on your hair can help in making the hair stronger.
  88. Halitosis – Again, just rinsing the mouth with coconut oil helps for a better mouth condition.
  89. Hand Cleaner – Coconut oil can remove stains, paint, dust or many other substances from the skin, hands (or your rug!).
  90. Hangnails – Thanks to coconut oil, even nails can be stronger and prevent this nasty problem. Simply apply it every evening before bedtime to those cuticles.
  91. Hashimoto – Many problems with glands including this one can be resolved by using coconut oil.
  92. Head Lice – To get rid of head lice, there is no need to apply chemical preparations that can harm the skin. Coconut oil provides a sufficient and safe solution.
  93. Healing of Wounds – Coconut oil covers a wound with thin layer protecting it from dirt, bacteria, and other infections and helps for quick and easy wound healing.
  94. Heart Problems – Even a heart attack can be prevented and healed by taking Coconut Oil.
  95. Hemorrhoids – As with the problems with veins, coconut oils removes the blockage or any damage in the capillary.
  96. Herpes – as in the case of warts, this oil can remove herpes. Apply it two times a day at least for two months.
  97. HIV – If we know that coconut oil kills viruses, it’s not hard to believe that it also decreases the viral load in the body.
  98. Hives – It’s good to apply a thin layer of the coconut oil on the rash or any other hives in the skin.
  99. Hormones – Many laboratory tests proved that coconut oil regulates the level of the hormones.
  100. Hyperthyroidism – Many women claim that this oil helped them with solving the problems in thyroid glands.
  101. Immunity – Coconut helps in killing the microorganisms has obvious effect on the improved immunity of the body.
  102. Inflammation of Tissues – It can be both applied on the spot where the problem is found and taken along with the food.
  103. Ingrown Toenail – It helps for quick healing and prevent entry of Micro-Organisms. It also protects against toenail in-growth in the future.
  104. Influenza – The Coconut oil can be taken to fight Flu. It has the  same effect as with inflammation.
  105. Insomnia – Including coconut oil in food helps in improving circulation that leads to better sleep and stress relief.
  106. Insulin Secretion – Coconut oil helps in glands behavior for better insulin secretion.
  107. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Coconut oil helps by improving the digestion and removing the microorganisms.
  108. Jaundice – Coconut oil has great capability in cells regeneration, which is needed here.
  109. Kidney Disease – Many problems with the organs are resolved by coconut oil.
  110. Kidney Stones – There are no clear explanation, but coconut oil surely melt the stones and removes all the unwanted aggregates in the body.
  111. Keloids – This unpleasant skin problem will be better if you apply the oil on the skin and moisturize it daily. That will make keloids softener and remove them.
  112. Keratosis – The treatment is the same as on the previous one.
  113. Laryngitis – Using coconut oil can make larynx softener and stops sore throat and relieve the pain.
  114. Leg Cramps – With its great benefits for the circulation coconut oil stops leg cramps and other symptoms. Massage the legs with this oil before bedtime.
  115. Liver Disease – It’s proven that coconut oil clean the liver and other organs.
  116. Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) – Even though this disease is incurable, coconut oil regenerates cells and decreases the symptoms.
  117. Low Blood Pressure – Coconut oil helps in boosting blood stream and heals low blood pressure.
  118. Lubricant – Coconut oil can help as a natural lubricant (not with contraceptives).
  119. Lupus – Though it can’t heal this problem, it can reduce many symptoms of this disease.
  120. Makeup Remover – It sounds weird, but melted coconut oil actually clean the face from all kind of makeup without damaging the skin.
  121. Malnutrition – This oil is recommended as a part of the weight loss diet, but being full of natural and useful ingredients it helps in boosting appetite and helps many other problems when a body has been starved.
  122. Massage Oil – Coconut oil can be used for longer massage it should be mixed with some other oil like olive, castor or mineral oil.
  123. Mastitis – There are many benefits of this oil for inflammations and pain, so woman should massage the breasts with this oil and warm them.
  124. Menstrual Pain – It removes the cramps and pain in the stomach, while improving the blood stream.
  125. Menopause – Coconut oil mostly affects on the hormone level and symptoms which follow it.
  126. Mental Clarity – Researches have proved that this oil decrease mental problems, anxiety, and other psychological problems.
  127. Migraines – Coconut oil helps with alleviating the pains, as on the frequency of the attacks.
  128. Milk Booster – Thanks to the effect on the gland, using this oil will increase milk production during lactation in nursing mothers.
  129. Moisturizing – It helps with dry and wrinkled skin and can be applied on the whole body instead of body lotion.
  130. Moles – Similar to the birth marks, coconut oil with a little amount of vinegar applied on the mole can remove it after couple of weeks.
  131. Mononucleosis – Simply decreasing the number of the bacteria and viruses effects on this problem, at least in alleviating of the pains.
  132. Mouthwash – Coconut oil can be used for cleaning the mouth. Goggle it in the mouth for couple of minutes every morning.
  133. MRSA – This is a very serious streptococcal infection that is very difficult to heal with traditional medicines and pills, but coconut oil helps as natural cure for this infection.
  134. Multiple Sclerosis – Regeneration of the nerves and muscles helps in removing the symptoms and problems.
  135. Nail Strengthener – As for the hair, coconut oil can be useful in making the nails stronger.
  136. Nausea – Its advised to massage the wrists with the coconut oil to reduce nausea.
  137. Nipple Cream – Every woman who breastfeed her baby knows how hard it is to struggle with the cracked nipples.
  138. Nose Bleeds – Coconut oil generally helps to stop bleeding and recover the capillaries and regenerate the cells. Apply it in nostril before bedtime.
  139. Oily Skin Fix – Damaged skin also can be regenerated with coconut oil.
  140. Osteoporosis – Obviously cell regeneration is possible with bone cells, too.
  141. Pancreatitis – Being a gland, pancreas can be healed with the coconut oil.
  142. Parasites – Coconut oil makes great results in cleaning the body and skin from all kind of the parasites.
  143. Parkinson’s Disease – Coconut oil regenerates all kind of cells.
  144. Perineum Oil – Pregnant women can use coconut oil  for massaging this area before delivery.
  145. Pink Eye – It’s good to apply Coconut oil in the angle of the eye to remove this ugly symptom.
  146. Pneumonia – This disease is cured with traditional medicals, but coconut oil kills wide types of microorganisms.
  147. Pre-shave Remedy – With its moisturizing effects, coconut oil is great for preparing the dry and sensitive skin for shaving.
  148. Prostatic Hyperplasia – A benign enlargement of the prostatic gland caused by abnormal level of hormones, can be healed faster with Coconut oil.
  149. Pores on the Skin – Applying the oil on the face really reduces the pores.
  150. Repellent – It is already mentioned as the great substance against bugs and parasites, so this is another usage with the same effect.
  151. Retinitis – There are long list of the diseases which can be cured with coconut oil. This is one type of the inflammation so obviously coconut oil can help.
  152. Pigmentosa – Coconut oil has great effect on whitening of the skin.
  153. Preventing the Kitchen Stains – It’s good to apply the oil on the kitchen parts and dishes to protect from the stains.
  154. Poop Helper – when small baby and infant have a problem with pooping, you can use coconut oil to make the entry more slippery.
  155. Retinopathy – This is not an inflammation, but it is a problem with the retina of the eye which coconut oil successfully cures.
  156. Rickets – As with many other problems, coconut oil speeds up blood stream and at least decreases pain in wrists and joints.
  157. Ringworm – As one more type of the fungal infections, it can be healed with coconut oil.
  158. Rosacea – Coconut oil will help in regeneration of the capillary.
  159. Salad Oil – Last couple of years many people use this oil as substitution for the salad oil. It has exotic taste.
  160. Scurvy – Even this disease is caused by lack of vitamin C, many symptoms which follow it can be cured with coconut oil, like bleeding gums for example.
  161. Smoker’s Cough – By cleaning the body and increasing the blood stream coconut oil can be a cure for this problem.
  162. Snoring – Doctors advice to have coconut oil before bedtime to prevent snoring.
  163. Spider Veins – Again, coconut oil helps in many problems with blood and circulation.
  164. Split Ends On the Hair – It’s good to apply Coconut oil  on the ends as prevention of this problem.
  165. Staphylococcus – Coconut oil is a natural cure for all diseases caused by staphylococcus.
  166. Stomach Ulcers – Coconut oil heals all wounds and stops bleeding, so can help in ulcer, too.
  167. Stretch Marks – Coconut  oil regenerates cracked and damaged skin so can help in this problem, too.
  168. Stress Relief – Just including the oil in daily nutrition should prevent stress.
  169. Sty – As on the other similar cases, apply the Coconut oil on the sty until it disappears.
  170. Sun Burns – This is a similar problem as with the burns in general, so it heals and provides a relief.
  171. Sunscreen – There are many claims that it is a great substitution for the chemical preparations as a protection from the sun.
  172. Swimmer’s Ear – It sounds awkward, but putting drops of coconut oil in the ear remove the extra water and kills all possible bacteria which cause this problem.
  173. Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer – Applying on the skin makes it softened and protected.
  174. Tan Lotion – Cosmeticians suggest it to be used for this purposes but mixed with cacao.
  175. Tinnitus  – Very unpleasant disorder and practically incurable can be resolved with consuming coconut oil.
  176. Teething Pain Reliever – Just massaging of the gum instantly brings relief.
  177. Toenail Fungus – As we said, coconut oil has anti-fungicidal treatment, so obviously can help with this.
  178. Toothache – Classic pain in teeth can be removed even with massaging the oil or goggling in the mouth for a couple of minutes.
  179. Toothpaste – Yes, Coconut Oil can be used instead of classic toothpaste.
  180. Thrush – Being an infection of the mouth this disorder is usually healed with medical treatments, but coconut oil kills bacteria and helps in this problem, too.
  181. Thyroid Function – Coconut Oil can force thyroid gland to work better and aids in hormones secretion.
  182. Typhoid – Coconut Oil can be cured with this oil as it’s one of the bacterial infections in the body.
  183. Ulcerative Colitis – Coconut Oil can be used as prevention or in the acute stage of the disease.
  184. Urinary Tract Infections – Very good treatment for the people who have often an infection of the bladder.
  185. Vaginal Yeast Infections – Another unpleasant disorder successfully healed with the oil which kills the fungus.
  186. Varicose Veins – It helps in healing and regeneration of the veins and problems with the blood stream.
  187. Vitiligo – This disease is unfortunately incurable, but many researches say that the spots and skin problems can at least be reduced.
  188. Warts – Simply applying on warts for a month or two remove all of them from the skin.
  189. Weight Loss – Many types of research say that including coconut oil in daily nutrition (especially eating it every morning on empty stomach) reduces the body weight.
  190. Wrinkle Prevention and Wrinkle Reducer – Coconut oil will always help for protecting the skin from damages and healing the damaged skin that cause wrinkles.
  191. Typhoid – Coconut Oil can be cured with this oil as it’s one of the bacterial infections in the body.
  192. Ulcerative Colitis – Coconut Oil can be used as prevention or in the acute stage of the disease.
  193. Urinary Tract Infections – Very good treatment for the people who have often an infection of the bladder.
  194. Vaginal Yeast Infections – Another unpleasant disorder successfully healed with the oil which kills the fungus.
  195. Varicose Veins – It helps in healing and regeneration of the veins and problems with the blood stream.
  196. Vitiligo – This disease is unfortunately incurable, but many researches say that the spots and skin problems can at least be reduced.
  197. Warts – Simply applying on warts for a month or two remove all of them from the skin.
  198. Weight Loss – Many types of research say that including coconut oil in daily nutrition (especially eating it every morning on empty stomach) reduces the body weight.
  199. Wrinkle Prevention and Wrinkle Reducer – Coconut oil will always help for protecting the skin from damages and healing the damaged skin that cause wrinkles.

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