Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

Michael DiSalvo, Coconut Country Living

Your bread may not be as healthy as you think

 The same people who have been selling you factory farm bread now
are telling you they’ve given you a new “healthy” version


There are few things in the world I love more than bread– and I’m not alone (heck,  because I’m 1/2 Italian I’d actually rather have Willy Wonka give me a golden ticket get a lifetime supply of panini. Forget the Wonka Bars! ).  Let’s face it:  who doesn’t love bread?  If you think about it, the word “bread” in its ancient roots means “universal”. Practically every society has its version of bread.  And I’m not here to take away the whole world’s bread. So before you start thinking I’m trying to take away your bread, think again.

My own non-gluten adventures came after a trip to Europe where I truly had the gluten overdose of a lifetime. Having been in denial about my gluten sensitivity, I finally wised up after the food there truly crippled me and made me deathly ill on the way back.  Since then I’ve learned the gluten-free low carb way, which has changed my life, but in the meantime I’ve noticed something very dark, as the non-gluten fad has caught on.

Don’t get me wrong:  gluten, wheat, they are big problems in many parts of the world today. I recently thought of my dear friend Will, who had just had a heart procedure, when I learned what Dr William Davis, the cardiologist, said about wheat: “It’s the perfect chronic poison“.  If you live in North America and you are staying away from wheat and gluten, you’re probably doing the right thing.  After all, think about it, despite the virtual panacea proclaimed about whole wheat as being the antidote to “Wonder Bread”, even whole wheat bread has:

Whole Wheat Bars

Whole wheat bread can be twice as sugary as a candy bar

(1) almost twice the glycemic index of that of a candy barIn simple terms: sugar kills. And the spoonfuls of sugar we consume when eating wheat bread, not only leads to obesity, metabolic dysfunction (even wonder why you feel so tired after eating that stuff?), cancer, and diabetes, the inflammation it causes has even been shown to lead to arthritis and other chronic illnesses. There are well over 100 studies that prove it: sugar kills, and believe it or not, whole wheat bread (which is better than white bread) is one of the worst offenders.

Wheat has more issues than the proteins we associate with celiac disease

(2) It’s been shown GMO wheat is alive and well in the USA. While we don’t want to hear it, genetically modified wheat is alive and well in the USA, even after 10 years have past since Monsanto supposedly “destroyed it”. American wheat crops will continue to be contaminated with stray GMO seeds, whether we like it or not.

The link between glyphosphate and autism is palpable

But this isn’t the worst of it. Many “crunchy” parents worry that there is a strong relationship between vaccines and autism because of a correlation between the number of children getting autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, but is difficult to get a stronger correlation than the 99% correlation since 1990 that has been found prominent MIT researcher Dr Stefanie Seneff has found between the increase in the use of glyphosphate (a pesticide used with the average wheat crop) and the increase of the prevalence in autism. In fact, as the USDA allows more an more pesticides to be used each year as the previous years’ pesticides produce strong and stronger superweeds, Dr Seneff predicts that 1 in 2 children will be autistic by the year 2025.

The type of particles that come from wheat clog arteries

(3) The worst kind of cholesterol: It broke my heart several years back to see my godfather, who himself had open heart surgery, waking up every day to eat his bran muffin. At the time I didn’t know that much, but I knew his doctor was wrong to have him stick with grains to prevent another heart attack. The fact is whole wheat is not “heart healthy” at all! While we have been warned for years about the evils of cholesterol, only the small dense LDL particles are the ones that cause dramatic damage. In fact, even JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) let the word out via a study that those with high levels of this cholesterol have a 300% risk of dying of a heart attack. And what, more than anything else, triggers these particles to form and lodge in our arteries, inching us closer to the grave? You guessed it, brought to you by whole wheat.

Wheat addiction is all too common

(4) Addictive love. If you would have asked me long ago whether the Wonder Bread I devoured with my peanut butter and jelly was addictive, I’d say yes. But even the average person, if forced to consider, will admit that it’s not just white bread. Wheat bread is the driving force behind many of our addictions, plain and simple. Why so? It’s because in addition to the rapid sugar rush wheat provides, it also produces specific compounds that bind the brain’s morphine receptors. This is your subtle euphoria, a repetitive cycle of cravings to get back to that same rush– for what? Yes, more grains!

It’s no wonder a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine shows that people who eat wheat consume an average of 400 calories more per day than others!

Non-Gluten to the Rescue?

It’s been said, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”. Some of us weren’t sure what we were exactly getting when being offered when we were being sold “gluten free”. What does the label really stand for?

1. “A” is for Arsenic. A lot of the gluten-free foods we’ve been offered contain arsenic: that lovely chemical that produces cancer of the kidneys, lungs, bladder, and skin (and damages chromosomes for good measure). It’s one thing if a poison like arsenic occurs in small doses in one’s food or water, but even watchdog groups like Consumer Reports have found up to 90 times the arsenic allowed in drinking water in some popular gluten-free products. What should you watch for: start with GF products made with brown rice and brown rice syrup. These are the main perpetrators. After all, Chronic arsenic exposure – even at very low levels – can lead to headaches, fatigue, brain fog and digestive issues just to get started.

2. “G” is for glycemic! Don’t be fooled. Yes, we got rid of one “g” that many at least believe they are allergic too (some people allergic to gluten are really allergic to the many chemicals that occur in wheat, and some who don’t think they are gluten sensitive actually experience sub-clinical symptoms that damage their body), BUT that the glycemic index, unfortunately, did not disappear with our new gluten-free foods that can be sky high in sugar. There are at least 1/2 dozen “healthy” replacements for wheat that are among the very few foods that increase blood sugar even higher than whole wheat, according to our friend Dr Davis of Wheat Belly. He tells us these foods “trigger weight gain in the abdomen, increased blood sugars, insulin resistance, diabetes, cataracts, and arthritis. They are NOT healthy replacements for wheat.”

GMO Rats

Our poor rat friends were the victim of non-gluten food

3. Another G? Can there be GMOs in non-gluten? So, did our government-subsidized friends at the average corporate farm suddenly decide to make our bread super healthy to make up for all the years of stuffing us with a high-carb diet? The answer is a bit disappointing. Keeping in mind that about 80% of crops in the USA are either corn or soy, what would you think that the food conglomerates would put into this new “healthy” bread? You guessed it. With corn and corn derivatives replacing wheat, and plenty of soy, canola, and beet derivatives staying in the mix, only a keen eye for the “invisible GMO ingredients” as Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology puts it, can save us from consuming these questionable ingredients that are still not labeled as GMO on the average package of gluten-free bread. While corporate America has been very shy about allowing third party labs to explore the effect of these frankenfoods, the results given by those who dared to play on the genetic playground have been frightful, with neither glyphosphate or the GMO foods like corn giving very reassuring results.


Allergens in non-gluten products may in face be more allergic than wheat-based products

4. Let it be, allergy? Sad but ironic: Many people look to commercially-produced gluten-free bread because they think it is an effective means to deal with their allergy concerns. The truth is that not only are there allergic compounds in wheat other than gluten that can cause an allergic reaction (almost 24000 unique proteins that can trigger an inflammatory response, believe it or not!), but our old friends soy, beets, cottonseed, canola, and corn, are also found in many non-gluten foods. Not only are these usually GMO, but they are also common allergens. Unfortunately, even some organic non-GMO wheat replacements like almonds have their own issues. Besides being problematic for some people with nut allergies, almonds are also high in PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which slow down metabolism, encourage inflammatory response, impair digestive enzymes, deplete antioxidants, inhibiting progesterone and androgen, while inhibiting estrogen. Bottom line? Besides the potential health issues overuse of almond flour can bring, woman in particular become vulnerable to weight gain, PMS, and hormonal acne.

X-ray Brain

5. What about WGA? While words like “wheat germ” in the recent past have been a label connoting health and strength, wheat germ agglutinin is anything but something you would like to sprinkle on your salad. In fact, studies show that WGA can have direct toxic effects on most tissues in your body, including the heart and brain. Scientists are hopeful it can be used to deliver Alzheimer’s drugs since it passes through the blood brain barrier so easily. WGA has been proven to disrupt the hormonal system, weaken immunity, cause digestion problems, and promote systemic inflammation (i.e. start degenerative disease).

Ironically, the highest concentrations of it are found in whole grains – including supposedly “healthy” sprouted grains!


6. Meant to be just a snack? Sometimes understanding the people behind the product gives a better understanding of the what the product is meant to be. Are these new non-gluten foods meant to satisfy one’s hunger or keep us coming back for more at the risk of actually harming our health? Consider the GI (glycemic index) values of a non-gluten pancake mix: 105. Compare that to pure glucose which is “only” 100! The rapid sugar rush provided by wheat, also creates massive cravings in these other grains and gluten substitutes. This is why it’s been found up to 81% of people actually gain weight on a gluten-free diet, even up to two years later! But, if you think about it, this isn’t strange at all. Why would many of the same food companies who fought against GMO labeling, trying to prevent you from seeing the genetically modified ingredients they’ve snuck into your food want you to eat less of their food? Are their intentions are really that pure? No, these foods are made addictive for a reason.

Don’t give up on a gluten-free diet!

Should I Give Up?

Before we continue, please let me introduce myself. My name is Michael DiSalvo and far from telling you to not go gluten and wheat free, going gluten-free saved my life. You see, I’m not going to go on and on about how physically and psychologically devastating it can be to live with chronic pain and inflammation. I’m just going to tell you that getting gluten, wheat, and grains out of my diet helped a lot. In fact, for me, and many others (it has been estimated a good 30% of the population), carbohydrates, far from being the foundation of the food pyramid are the deadly quicksand of discomfort and disease. You see, some of us are simply not meant to have many carbs in our diets. If it doesn’t take friends and family members to be diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes, autism ( “CHADA” as an acronym) to wake us up, we ourselves see that sluggishness, weight gain, and mind fog are clear signals that our diets are less than ideal.

You see, I’ve done the research and it’s simple. I was sick of being sick but I wasn’t going to give up.

There was a problem though. I love bread, I love pizza, I love pasta. Heck I’m 1/2 Italian and 100% Catholic. I need bread!

My situation was desperate. I had just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Europe with my young wife after being half glutened to death. While others have inflammation act on the sinuses or the heart, my inflammation goes all the way to my joints and bones. Either I was going to give up gluten, wheat, grains, and carbs entirely, or I was not going to be able to work, or even walk, for that matter. The pain and inflammation in this new stage of my illness was just too great.

So what did I do? It wasn’t long though before a dear friend bailed me out by introducing me to the Paleo lifestyle. Whether I liked it or not, I was going to drink raw milk and vegetable juice and eat raw meat. Yes, my friends did think I was crazy to even consider this, but when choosing between trembling pain and bland food, I chose the bland food.

Did I do better? I absolutely did better. My wife could not believe my remarkable improvement, but there remained a problem: bland food takes a toll. The husband of the same woman who introduced me to Paleo basically had her husband snap because he couldn’t take the bland food anymore.

Let Them Eat Cake!


Hey, don’t give up! Many of you have bounced around a bit going from doctor to doctor, diet to diet to find something that works for you. Legend has it that Mary Antoinette in pre-revolutionary France answered the peasants request for food with, “Let them eat cake!”. While I personally don’t believe Ms Antoinette really said that, I echo her sentiment Not only can you have bread, you can have cake too!

What’s the Secret?


Let me be clear: it’s not easy to find a substitute for the wheat and rice usually found in breads that have been popular around the world for thousands of year. It’s taken some experimenting and inventiveness of a few good cooks, a few good bloggers, to find the perfect replacement for the staple ingredient in so many of the baked goods and tasty foods so many of us love.

So what was it?

After so much searching I found coconut flour was the perfect replacement that allowed me to enjoy food again and have a little bread and be “normal”. Life was good. But, studying what Will Allen called the “Good Food” movement, I also wondered how I could share my discovery with others. I had seen so many of my close relatives get so sick and even lose their lives from degenerative diseases at such a young age. The stats on CHADA from year to year keep getting worse and worse. Is this what the modern age has to offer my loved ones?

The Choice

What if my wife and I could find the best coconut flour, offer it a great price, without the baggage of the other companies. What we found is that we could get it:

#1 Low glycemic. While the “gluten-free” pancakes had a GI of 105, coconut flour is just 35.

#2 Low carb. While wheat and grains are notorious for high carb counts, coconut flour has just 17 grams, just 6% of the RDA.

#3 Gluten free and hyoallergenic. Not only were we able to get our coconut flour to be packaged and processed in a gluten-free facility where only coconuts are processed, we are officially certified gluten-free with the most stringent lab test commercially available.

#4 USDA Organic. We wanted to make sure we had official organic certifications. Why raise such an amazing superfood on chemicals and pesticides when we could do it the old fashioned way?

But that wasn’t it. We wanted to truly set ourselves apart to gain your trust and patronage.

First, we didn’t want to associate with the many “organic” or “gluten-free” companies that had betrayed consumers by fighting against GMO labeling. We did and still do the opposite. We actively promote transparency in product labeling so you can know exactly what you are putting in your own mouth and the mouths of your loved ones.

Companies that want GMOs to be hidden

Second, we didn’t want to leave our own ingredients’ status in the dark.

GMO soy and corn and xathan?

I can understand why having a nice looking old man of a package can breed trust and confidence and even say “organic” when a product isn’t labeled so. But if a non-gluten supposedly healthy product has soy and corn in it, why not be up front about whether it is GMO? The sad fact is that these big companies don’t want you to know that their products are full of GMOs and that’s why they don’t label either way. We decided to make our coconut flour organic, but also “beyond organic” in disallowing even substances like carageenan (known to be inflammatory and carcinogenic).

Some of the leading coconut flours are just hanging though they give inferior quality

Third, we wanted to be the absolute tastiest, freshest coconut flour, to make our brand the ideal flour for cooking and baking. There was definitely a problem in the industry. Without having tight control over resellers and product quality, many consumers were frustrated they could not get the coconut flour they wanted. We wanted to make that easy by delivering the freshest, tastiest, healthiest coconut flour commercially available.

Did we succeed? You be the judge.

Your coconut flour is outstanding…

We had pancakes for dinner tonight. They are so much better – fluffier and tastier than the ones we made with the coconut flour we got at Whole Foods. Yum!!!

– Yours, Shirley

I’ve Gone Coo-Koo for Coconut!

I have never tried coconut flour before and I was skeptical on how good it would be. I ordered this and when I received my package I opened it up and the wonderful aroma of coconut just hit me immediately. I had to find a recipe to be able to try it and was given one by the seller. I made blueberry banana muffins and they turned out AWESOME! I ate 3 in the first 10 min after they came out of the oven I have been wanting to try some gluten free products and this flour is so good. If you like coconut then you have got to try this flour. It is easy to bake with and gives a slight coconut flavor to your baked goods. I think I’ll need to order more in the near future when I finish the bag I absolutely loved it as did my 2 little kids.

– S. Burgin

This is a amazingly tasty healthier alternative!

I made chocolate chip cookies and the flavor is amazing and they are way better for you so you can eat more without feeling to guilty. I was always ify about trying healthier alternative because I figured “healthier has to taste gross”, right???? That’s not the case with coconut flour and I will be using it in many of my recipes from here on! I want people to know my truthful opinion about this product and I’m giving it an A+++++ for taste, and helping my family start a healthier lifestyle!

– Malerie Pomeroy

I’ve heard so much about the wonderful uses of coconut but I had never heard of …

I was thrilled to test this product out. I’ve heard so much about the wonderful uses of coconut but I had never heard of coconut flour. I tested it out on fried chicken. And I was pleased with the results. It didn’t give it a real coconut taste, which is exactly how I wanted.

Great taste and texture

In our family we have made the change to more natural foods and grain free eating so this was why I was so excited to be sent this product to try if it would fit in our lifestyle and write a review about it. We have tried coconut flour before, but what I like about this product is that it is very finely milled. I do not like the texture of coconut and sometimes other flour does taste a little gritty. This one is just the right taste and texture to pass for wheat flour. The best part is it is Organic, gluten free, and hypoallergenic. We use it for making cookies and desserts and it is perfect.

– “Zainey Laney”

I made the best fried chicken cutlets using this amazing coconut flour

I made the best fried chicken cutlets using this amazing coconut flour. First off once i dipped the chicken in eggs i dipped it on the flour and the smell was amazing. Don’t get this flour confused, although it says coconut it is not

overloaded in coconut. That was what i was mostly scared about, but nope it just has a hit of it and its perfect. Another plus is the fact that is all organic, which we all know is the best for all of our bodies. My new kitchen favorite. Who would have thought.

Fatima Henriques

Best flour ever

Wow I’m impressed I never tasted coconut flour before I didn’t even know coconut flour existed. Well now that I know I wanted to try it and let me tell y’all something this is the best flour you can ever taste. Is perfect for bread, cakes, pancakes and even for pizza dough. I used mine to make a cheese coconut flour pizza dough and my family loved it. The best part of it is that this flour is healthy so it’s perfect for kids. Organic coconut flour is what I’m gonna be using from now on to make goodies for my family I recommend this to all of you out there try it, you gonna love it.

– Nidia Carmona

Hey look, I’m not looking back at without some fondness in my days of bread and butter, pizza, and pasta filled with massive amounts of grains, sugars, and carbs. But I also am not ready to rule out these healthy faux pauxs as the cause of my own failing healthy and that of my loved ones. Why take that chance or continue to live overweight, bloated, and sick or putting yourself or your family in that situation. You only need 1/3 the amount of coconut flour to replace wheat flour in a recipe, so you bag is bound to last.

But Let’s Make those Recipes Simple to Use


I haven’t written just this much just so you can think about using coconut flour. I’d like to make your decision to buy a bag of our tastiest, freshest, gluten-free organic coconut flour today easy as coconut cream pie (of course made with coconut flour! ❤(̶ ◉͛ ‿̶◉)❤). As a special bonus for trying us out, we’d love to offer you a copy of our absolute favorite, tastiest, healthiest coconut flour recipes out there. It’s yours, a $4.97 value, free, for just giving us a try.

Our Great Coconut Flour Recipe Book
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A select group of our best customers have been our best connoisseurs of these recipes for both quick and fine dining. What did they have to say?

From S Burgin:

I had to find a recipe to be able to try it and was given one by Cookoo. I made the blueberry banana muffins and they turned out AWESOME! I ate 3 in the first 10 min after they came out of the oven : )

From Christi:

The company sent several recipes and I went with the lemon poppy seed muffins. They were easy to make and they tasted great!


The coconut cookies were delicious…looking forward to try some coconut cake or bread in the future!

From Carol:

I just made my family a batch of cheesy biscuit to go along with a meal, and they ate them so quickly, I wasn’t able to get a picture, lol. They said it was the closest tasting thing to the biscuits they used to eat at the Red Lobster, when we used to be able to eat out years ago.

But, that’s not all!

Let me honest, we are a tiny mom and pop company (with three precious little ones growing fast!) and need to do a lot to compete against the big boys on Amazon. A huge part of competing against the million dollar companies that

have let their quality slip or who have even supported or used GMOs in their products is to leave reviews on Amazon. So I’d like to make this simple today. You probably love bread just like I do or you would have never started reading this in the first place. Is coconut flour more expensive than wheat flour? Absolutely. Do you proportionally need only about 1/3 as much to make your favorite recipes? That’s true too. What if I could make this super easy for you and grab you the lowest price on Amazon for our 500 gram bag (our bonus +1lb size) and an even better price for our 3lb bag? Would you then be willing to give Cookoo a try?

Isn’t it Enough?

Well, what if you don’t like it? Or you don’t like our recipes? Or you don’t like me?! You are 100% covered by our unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t believe your small investment in Cookoo was one of the best buys of your entire life, we want to give you a 100% refund. We want you absolutely thrilled with Cookoo and we answer queries and give help in record time. As part of our support, you have access to my personal email. If it’s creating nifty recipes, dealing with health issues or losing weight, or even complaining about record high food prices at the store, hey, I’m here to help you.

What is the real world price of all of this?

1. World class organic coconut flour

2. Piece of mind you are investing in your health long term

3. Our greatly coveted premier coconut flour recipes for all your savory and sweet needs

4. Personal help from me, who have seen dozens of natural and medical doctors, having spent hundreds of hours studying health issues and weight control to go from being in a wheelchair to working 80 hours a week.

If I don’t have an answer, I can probably point you in the right direction!

As you know, there are few things more damaging to your body than grains and excess sugar. And that’s why Cookoo is more than just another kitchen ingredient. It eases the pain of transition from food that makes you sick to delicious meals that get you on the road to healing and recovery and working on your ideal self.

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