Level up your crispy chicken wings with sriracha and apricot sauce! Make them sweet, spicy and crunchy! Perfect for parties and definitely for dinner and grately gluten-free!
    Apricot Sriracha Wings using Coconut Flour


    2 tbsp. apricot preserves (no GMOs)
    3 tbsp. Stubbs Texas Sriracha
    2 tbsp. soy sauce
    2 tbsp. Sriracha
    2 tbsp. grass fed butter, melted
    2 lbs. chicken wings
    1 egg, whisked
    3 cups organic coconut flour
    3-4 cups organic coconut oil, for frying


    1. Combine the preserves through butter in a mason jar and shake to combine.
    2. Heat oil to 375 degrees.
    3. Dip the wings in egg, then dredge in flour.
    4. Fry until golden brown, and place on paper towels to drain.
    5. Roll wings in sauce, or drizzle.

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