Even if you’re not infatuated with a lot of beauty hacks to work on your looks, most people care enough to make sure they don’t look completely hideous when they go out into the general public.

One faux paux society finds in people is too many wrinkles.

Whether they be through stress or old age, wrinkles or misshapen skin can attract bad attention.

I even think of how my wife and I were somewhat devastated to find my son’s nose completely flattened last week. His nose was flattened because HE had been flattened.  Though we don’t watch football in our home, the 2-yr old (George) and 4-yr old (Lyddie) are a bit too fond of tackling each other. This had led to young George’s broken nose, which had us looking for answers.

The whole incident prompted me to do a little bit of research on polyceramides and what they can do for skin.  After all, polyceramides are so very special to us because we are coconut oil enthusiasts, and we have heard one amazing story after another from our customers about their own uses of CCL’s coconut oil for skin.

Here’s just one:

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The way polyceramides do this is by penetrating and hydrating skin, which really makes it soft and lovely (which actually didn’t help George, since it turned out it was more of a broken bone issue).

Of course, there are some dangers to polyceramides.

The biggest issue has to do with gluten. As you may know gluten is actually inflammatory in nature and not great for skin. And even when one takes the gluten out of wheat-based polyceramides, they often have proteins or compounds in them that are still not great for you.

So what it boils down to is just sticking with good old fashioned organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, We actually take it a step further by processing in a coconut-only facility so that milky creaminess of the coconut oil has no chance of getting ruined by gluten or GMOs or anything else.

This is why I believe we will continue hearing great things about coconut oil for skin, and why I think CCL’s customers will be happy with their results.

But like most things, it’s best to be proactive. It’s tough to fight back wrinkle on top of wrinkle, but it’s easy to keep a 2-yr old’s skin snuggly soft.  Now we just have to find a way to get that nose back in place

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