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Coconut butter (a.k.a. Coconut Manna™, coconut meat puree, coconut cream concentrate, or whole coconut flesh puree) is just one of the blessings of the coconut tree. The great thing is that with a coconut tree, nothing goes to waste. The leaves are used in baskets and making houses, the trunk in building and the fruit in making coconut oil and butter. So while it is true that coconut butter and oil can be used in similar ways, make no mistake, they have a few differences.

First the similarities:  Most people know coconut oil, from pressed coconut meat, is made of completely saturated fats. Even though coconut butter, comes from the grinding of the dried coconut, it too has a lot of saturated fat.

Is this bad?  USA Today would have us think that saturated fat has somehow become evil “again”. But if one looks at validated studies and the vast majority of research done by scientists around the world (and the history of peoples who have used coconut oils and saturated fats as staples in their diets), we can use that the precious oils you find in coconut butter are actually the very essence of health.

So with coconut butter coming from coconut meat and being made of the amazing fats that embody health, we know it’s good for you. We need its healthy components like the body needs water.  In addition to its healthy fat, the butter also has fiber and other nutrients like iron and potassium. But let’s get more specific.

What exactly are the benefits of coconut butter? Let’s take a look.

coconut butter is good for your body

Though similar to coconut oil, coconut butter has its own benefits

Benefits of Coconut Butter

  1.   Benefits of Coconut Butter for Health

Coconut butter, like coconut oil, has many health benefits. Some of those benefits include

    •         Detox: coconut butter is good for ridding your body of toxins and waste. For one thing,  it is full of fiber. That means that the butter is good for regularity in your stool because it prevents constipation. For those struggling because of parasites, there’s also good news. This butter made from dried coconuts also rids people of internal parasites so that your digestion goes the way it’s supposed to. Not to mention you’ll be eating less and feeling much better since your body will know what to do with the nutrients.
    •         Controls your blood sugar: Abnormally high or low blood sugar is bad for anyone. It could lead to other complications too. But did you know coconut butter helps stabilize blood sugar levels? How, you may ask? Your body’s cells use the sugar in your bloodstream as energy sources. Coconut butter has a rare fat that the body can actually burn in place of these sugars. Therefore, if you have high blood sugar, coconut butter can help you regulate it in this way so you take in less sugar in general.
    •         Kills dangerous pathogens: coconut butter is made up of fats, nutrients and another component called lauric acid. Lauric acid is good for your body for two reasons. Lauric acid kills the viruses in the body, so you can see what this means for viral infections too. Whether it’s gonorrhea, bronchitis or just the pesky common cold, using coconut butter could help you get you up and about in just a few days. Lauric acid is also an immune booster. Like this same component which is  in breast milk, this acid in coconut butter is responsible for bolstering immunity so that people who use it get sick less often.
use coconut butter to have healthy well regulated blood

You can have healthy blood and fight infections  with good fats like                                          those in coconut butter

Many  health gurus extrapolate the findings of coconut oil and apply them to coconut butter. The truth is that coconut butter’s benefits help lowering insulin levels, which not only is great for diabetics, but also helps with heart health. The antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral benefits of coconut butter hold good news for those who want to bolster their immune system protected against cancer. But since coconut butter also helps optimize the right type of cholesterol, which actually helps synthesize vitamin D, a powerhouse for immunity, while also creating the right hormone levels in the body and maintaining cell structure.

Coconut butter can be good to lose weight

You can lose weight in a healthy way with coconut butter.

  •         Healthy weight maintenance: Obesity is a very risky lifestyle disease that really comes about through bad choices. It could lead to heart disease and even impotence in men. Did you know that if you take coconut butter in moderation, you could actually lose weight? Iron isn’t it. Taking in more fat to lose weight? But that’s actually what happens when you take moderate amounts of coconut butter in a ketogenic diet. If you’re hearing ketogenic for the first time, no worries, it’s not at all complicated. A ketogenic meal is one that has a lot of fat, few carbohydrates, and just enough protein. When you eat coconut butter in such a meal, in say, a paleo gluten-free diet, your body runs low on carbs. Without those carbs, your body burns not only the fats from coconut butter but even your own fats to supply its energy.  This is how you lose weight.

Coconut butter also has fewer calories than coconut oil and regular butter, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about counting calories. 5.6 cal/g versus dairy butter  7.16 cal/g.

  •         Source of important nutrients: coconut butter, unlike coconut oil, has other nutrients that are important for your body. One example is iron. Iron is important for women, particularly after giving birth because it helps in the formation of blood. A lack of iron also leads to anemia.
how to use coconut butter for beauty

Beauty benefits come from coconut butter

  1. Beauty Benefits of Coconut Butter

  •         Energy boosters to keep you fit: Runners and other athletes, or even anyone heading to a gym needs a little energy boost to get them through the paces. Coconut butter acts as a metabolism booster and an extra energy supply to help boost workout performance


  •         Great for your hair: for voluminous, shiny, healthy hair, massage coconut butter into your hair, leave it in for 20 minutes and rinse off. It will strengthen your hair and do away with loose ends


  •         Gives smooth skin: like coconut oil, coconut butter smoothes and clears up skin and leaves it glowing, soft and even-toned


  •        Will keep you away from naughty food. Just drop into your daily shake, dress your salad with it, spread it over a hot thick slice of toast- you can never go wrong with coconut butter treats 😍.
coconut butter uses

You can use coconut butter in a wide variety of ways

Uses of Coconut Butter

Coconut butter has two main uses, and these are aligned with its benefits.

Some people use coconut butter as a beautifying aid. When coconut butter is applied to skin or hair, it makes them better. People who use coconut butter on their hair typically have beautiful, thick, soft hair to show for it. Those who use it on the skin have baby-soft even skin tones.

Coconut is also a true culinary treat. The good thing about coconut butter is that it is gluten free, so vegans can eat it and it can be used in a wide array of dishes. The downside is that unlike coconut oil, coconut butter doesn’t work as well at high temperatures, though you do normally have to liquefy it with heat if you are using it as an ingredient.

delicious uses of coconut butter to stay away from sweets

Try using coconut butter to stay away from unhealthy sweets

Most people use coconut butter as

  •         Additives for their protein shakes and smoothies
  •         Spread, just regular butter or peanut butter
  •         A baking ingredient for coconut-flavored cookies or cakes
  •         Morsels for candy
  •         Ingredients for sauces and curries
  •         Salad dressing
  •         Toppings for chocolate or berry desserts

Coconut butter is normally available at health food stores like Whole Foods or marketplaces like Amazon, but you can also make it at home fairly easily from shredded coconut. When you whip up this special treat (or crack the lid) , you can use it on a lot of dishes (or just eat it right off the spoon!). It’s really a very versatile part of the kitchen that you can be sure is good for you. Provided that you use it moderately, of course as part of a balanced diet.  Just make sure you don’t get fanatical about the the types of foods USA Today seems to be recommending, like (GMO?) canola, soy, and corn, which are low in saturated fat.  They’ve been shown to harm your health (and your life) in the long run. 


The Better Butter [launch special]?

We at Coconut Country Living have a hard time saying anything bad about old-fashioned dairy butter.  It really is super healthy for you (yes, raw, from a well-maintained dairy). But it’s also hard to compare it to coconut butter, since it’s the most marvelous treat in the world!

Our question for you:  If you’re ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of coconut butter, what are you waiting for?

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