Now that we’ve entered some cooler weather I want to give you some hot tips about staying well this holiday season with some really neat healing warming herbs.  

I’ve found that not only family but friends have gotten very sick recently, even with walking pneumonia (one was even the daughter of an MD whom I do business with). I’d chalk it up to simply “their turn to get sick”, however I’m almost 100% positive they were not using these herbs.

I know it sounds controversial: But I’m beginning to really believe that it really isn’t necessary to get sick, or even to stay sick.

Hope that doesn’t sound hypocritical coming from someone with a chronic illness, but I am really doing 90% better than I was at one time. I can walk, work more than most people, and I don’t come down with much of anything though my wife and children may be laboring with a cold or congestion for weeks.

So though coconut oil has become a regular part of my staying out of the sick bed (and maybe yours too), I would like for you to consider adding two amazing herbs that complement some really tasty dishes you may be having around this time of the year like baked goods, culinary dishes, and hot drinks.

Tumeric and Ginger!

Sure, some may say, “Turmeric? Tasty?” like the receptionist at my dentist’s office. “Would that be gritty (and nasty)?”
Au, contraire, mon frere!
To prove the thesis,  I recently tried out Tasty Turmeric Muffins on my chiropractor’s office, and WOW, were they impressed. There was no added sugar,nothing artificial, just a lot of rioting over some great muffins (and the recipe for them!)!
It’s amazing I was able to pull it off because tumeric’s active component, curcumin, has been the object of over 6,000 studies, making it the most studied phytochemical in history.
In fact, Dr Josh Axe uses many of those studies to make the argument turmeric‘s benefits indeed go beyond

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-depressants (Prozac)


Anti-coagulants (Aspirin)

Pain killers

Diabetes drugs (Metformin)

Arthritis medications

Inflammatory bowel disease drugs

Cholesterol drugs (Lipitor)

Steroids, and more!

Add to that innovative uses in beauty, from toothpaste to skin and hair care to weight loss and it really rivals coconut oil as the ultimate go-to utility knife for any health need (and its powdered form is highly portable and has other neat uses around the home too, like for a natural food and clothing dye).

All that to say, I’ve picked out the best organic turmeric and ginger possible that can be promoted on Amazon, so the maximum people possible can discover how great the organic forms of these spices can really be a breakthrough in health and cooking.

Of couse, ginger has similar qualities to turmeric, but is better for stomach upset and not really useful for dyeing) but goes along well with the 5-star products we guarantee will help your friends and family with health challenges and goals the gentle, natural way.

I know it has with me!

If you’d like to try out either the organic ginger or turmeric root powder for you cooking, health, or beauty, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And we are offering some really cool e-books FREE to go along with each to make sure these treasured spices really do change your life.

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The History of Turmerics Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty 

How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful Free e-book with purchase

How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautifu


The History of Turmeric’s Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty:What the Yogis Aren’t Telling You gets into the ancient history of turmeric and why it has dominated the East for so long, but why it is now becoming so wildly popular in the West, with its price is now being compared to that of GOLD. We do a hard-hitting investigative piece about exactly why those yogis out there who live to 145 aren’t giving up the secrets of this amazing spice! But we indeed spill the beans (but not the turmeric!).

How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful

not only gets a bit into the history of ginger, but gives you a peak into the hacks that even the sharpest gastronomists and holistic practitioners may overlook into getting that little bit of excitement back into your life as you get a bit of zest back into your step.

Hey, that’s it.

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Hey, and since Amazon wants to see quick sales whenever we launch a new product, we’d alsoove to give away this “most wanted” recipe of Tasty and Tremendous Gluten Free Ginger Turmeric Muffins  so you can share it with family and friends (just send us a message, tweet, or inbox us on FB, and we can send you a version you can put your affiliate link in if you want to share with subscribers).

So if you know anyone who values not getting sick and needs to stay on his or her feet, getting one or both of these precious gifts  today is a really neat way to invest in your health and learn some ancient secrets to an old age that is not one where you have to go along shuffling your feet or wearing some medical device that embarasses you in public.

And don’t forget the other tasty dishes too!

Just go here: for premium ginger root powderand here for premium turmeric root powder out these culinary delights and feel great in the New Year, not guilty!

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