Here at Coconut Country Living, we are keenly aware that a coconut is not really a nut, but we really don’t have anything against nuts per se. Soy can certainly be a dangerous beast, and nuts in general are definitely better when sprouted or fermented properly, but with all the allergy concerns, do we forget about what might be the best superfood of all?

Naughty or Nice?

In the recent past, chocolate has been thought of as a “naughty” food.  Let’s face it, modern chocolate is a bit of a rough lover– high sugar, high carbs, no nutrients, and genetically modified ingredients.  Who in their right mind would take such abuse?

Pair the toxic ingredients of the average piece of chocolate with the actually toxic behavior of the companies who make the products, and the only draw is really the oxytocin that is left over. For example, consider the recent reputations of just a few of the prominent players:

Big Food, chocolate, GMOs

Unfortunately, these companies blatant disregard for the well being of humanity is not an isolated incident. In fact, all of these companies gave millions of dollars to make sure consumers are not able to discover the plethora of genetically modified garbage they put into their candy. This hush money stopped cold the several Right to Know campaigns brought to the ballot in the last two years in the USA, so most of us could happily think we are eating normal food, not food genetically mixed with viruses, bacteria and pesticides.

Looking at the few experiments done with mammals (or humans) with these GMOs is really eye-opening. A book like Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith helps one understand the myriad of risks hiddenin soy, corn, and cotton derivatives in store-bought chocolate, but there are even risks to the tiny amounts of the concomitant pesticides (i.e. Roundup) in each “treat”.  The picture above from Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen confirms it took as little as 4 months for the rats to develop massive tumors as well as suffer tremendous liver and kidney damage.  If that weren’t bad enough, 70% of the females died pre-mature deaths.

gmo rats, roundup rats, corn rats

The same ingredients in commercial chocolate made these rats very sick.

It can only be imagined how the young would fare on the same diet. A cursory examination of the literature shows the same types of phenomena have happened with cows, pigs, other rats, and yes, humans (humans were found to produce symptoms from growing hair in the roofs of their mouths to actually becoming miniature factories of pesticide by ingesting GM soy, and passing it through placental blood into the bodies of their pre-born children).It is a bit scary to think what these monolithic companies are doing to our food supply, but it’s also a great motivation to go for healthy, quick meals and snacks like listed below instead of the stuff  (even “non-gluten” ) you know is not good for you.  Is There Hope For Chocolate?Absolutely!!! Not only is there hope and can chocolate be bought and prepared in a totally junk-free way, it can actually be good for you.  But just to be fair, you may experience some of these symptoms with long-term exposure. 😃

chocolate is healthy

  • Calmness and serenity (but not dozing during important political speeches 😇)
  • Clearness of thinking so you can do your taxes right! 😒                   
  • Great snack or appetite suppressant before a meal. Imagine that! Eat less! 😊
  • Happy and more enthusiastic. Can you handle it? 😃
  • Friendlier or more loving towards others 💞
  • Able to handle stress easier ✌️

So forget about world peas! How about what world chocolate? 😊


natural raw chocolate pralines

Honestly all you need are these three ingredients to get started:  cocoa powder,  cocoa butter (food grade), real honey (with a splash of real vanilla extract).  How easy is that? Imagine the tremendous change in your life to go from snacking on something not that great for you to nature’s most addictive superfood:  seriously, no other ingredient on the planet has ever been found to have as many bioflavanoids as cocoa, and we need the antioxidant protection now more than ever! Pair that with the fact that the three minerals we are most deficient in in 1st world countries (magnesium, iron, and chromium) are actually present in a healthy and useable form in real chocolate!

The Secret Ingredient

So what’s the secret ingredient? The recipes, of course! Choosing the best set of recipes for making real chocolate is everything.  After all, why settle for something that will embarrass you in front of company or just disappoint you with complex ingredients, too much time, and disappointing taste? Here at Coconut Country Living, we’ve amassed the absolute best array of real chocolate recipes guaranteed to wow your friends and family and make you the most popular person in your state! The recipes are arranged in terms of the depth that get into the paleo diet.  Let me explain:  the paleolithic (i.e. paleo) diet, made popular in the last five years by so my healthy connoisseurs, eliminates almost all problematic ingredients that would normally be problematic to celiacs, those with nut allergies, low-carb and low-sugar dieters, and those with digestive issuesAll of the catered menus above are paleo friendly, meaning all of the recipes are also gluten-free! I’ve highlighted a few of the differences to give a better idea about which one might fit your needs best.



# of Recipes

# Chocolate Recipes

Physical Copy



1000 Paleo Recipes100019No60 daysQuick Start Guide
The Paleo Hacks Cookbook19013No60 daysIngredient List, Eating Out, Cheatsheet, etc
Living Healthy w/Chocolate10064No60 daysHealthy How-to Books
Guilt-Free Chocolate Recipes9090No60 daysKids and Christmas Recipes
125 Paleo Desserts: Gluten Free12524Available7 daysNone
Chocolate Truffles: G-Free Mall00Actual Chocolate7 days (defect)8 Points (e.g. $.85) on future order

Which program is best for you really depends on your wants and needs, and they are go for less than a night at the movies or even a haircut or manicure. My personal favorite is the 1000 Paleo Recipes.  Though not having nearly as many chocolate recipes as Chocolate Recipes Guilt Free (190!), the variety and amazing taste in the other desserts, let alone the hundreds of day-to-day recipes, is truly flooring. There’s never a danger of running out of delicious healthy meals and tasty desserts, and many who have started the 1000 Paleo Recipes diet end up losing 10 lbs in the first month without really trying. Then again, if you are more interested in the chocolate recipes themselves and want a new level of respect and love among your friends, family  (and even your country!) you will probably want to “splurge” on (it’s actually less expensive than the 1001 Paleo Recipes) Chocolate Recipes Guilt Free, which also has wow power in its level or creativity for the kid- and Christmas-oriented chocolatey recipes given in the bonuses. 

luscious raw chocolate cake recipes

Luscious chocolate cake with fresh berries on a plate is just the beginning.

That being said, I dare say that if you do love variety in your chocolate, you love variety in your dessert, and you love the thought of having your childhood favorites like DELICIOUS rice crispy treats, Nutella, and chocolates, you absolutely must get Living Healthy With Chocolate. No the name doesn’t do justice to the treasures inside:  you are covered from chocolate mousse to “twix” and almond joy and peppermint chocolate sticks.  She even has recipes for breads! I’ve never seen so many 5-star recipes in one book and the pictures are what sets this book apart as something that will really motivate you to share in her creativity and simply blow your family and friends away with your skills of chocolate sorcery (or saucery, that is 😇).

So for pure aesthetics, five star chocolate and dessert recipes, and an amazing story, I choose Living Healthy With Chocolate. It is simply impossible that less than 99% of the people who bought Ms. Harlan’s course could have any regrets and I would venture to say that 80% of those would call the purchase one of the top ten of their lives to have such delectable recipes so inexpensively while strengthening the body at the same time.

But, hey get these books above while they are still at their low prices–  products on Clickbank and Amazon fluctuate prices rather quickly.  And for those who just don’t have the time to cook or want something for a special occasion, there is always truffles and other healthy chocolates at the Gluten Free Mall!

raw chocolate bonbons

And please let us know below how real chocolate is changing your life! How do you feel? Have you lost weight? When’s your next party?  Do you give paleo chocolate out at Halloween? 😍 Would you like Adriana to personalize her instruction with some videos? Maybe we can arrange something…

Living Healthy w/Chocolate    Chocolate Recipes Guilt Free

1000 Paleo Recipes   Paleo Hacks Cookbook

Paleo Desserts: 125 Delicious Everyday Favorites, Gluten- and Grain-Free

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