Coconut Flour Flatbread Recipe for Vegans and Foodies : )

Here’s a great recipe for a simple coconut flour flatbread that can be adapted for vegans and vegetarians. The chef uses psyllium husk to get the gluten effect, but keeps it non gluten and simple.  If you don’t have psyllium on hand, making chia meal is simple. Either way, making coconut flour recipes like this is a true change of life.  The ketogenic effect is real, and you will have so much more energy once you move over to a detox-, protein-, and fat-oriented diet.  If you experience some digestive discomfort starting off, just back off a bit, and start with smaller quantities.  A flatbread or tortilla at a time is a good start, but remember that many of us have matter in our digestive system that needs to come out to prevent an acid, disease-causing environment.  So enjoy your new energy levels with this vegan-friendly coconut flour flatbread recipe!

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