Coconut Country Living is proud to announce it’s new super food product line for 2016.

To start off, we have the returning gluten free-tested, 100% natural, high-fiber, low-carb, low-glycemic, and hypo-allergenic champion:  Cookoo for Coconut Organic Coconut Flour.

Congratulations, your cooking is now tasty, gluten-free, and worry-free with this amazing winner.

– With its being low sugar and non-gluten, it’s a great choice for diabetics and those with allergies who have their own health goals

– Promotes gut health through a natural detox, so you can avoid gut issues that are predominant with a wheat based diet

– It’s USDA Certified Organic, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, with 84% having chosen Cookoo over leading brands in blind taste tests.

We source all of our coconut flour from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, where it is ground fresh, creamy white and so pure. You will experience the amazing fragrant aroma of freshly cracked coconuts when you open your package and wish you could eat it raw. But, of course, that’s not all you’ll receive with the TLC we have put into Cookoo. We have also made a free e-book that goes out following every order:  Great Coconut Flour Recipes, Savory and Sweet, so you can get right to work on anything from smoothies and pizza during summer or gravy and cookies during fall or winter. Grab some today!



sale for coconut flour on Amazon

Cookoo for Coconut Flour on Amazon


Next up is a bit of spin from our usual coconut theme:  our organic cinnamon powder from Ceylon.



ground ceylon cinnamon powder on sale

Ground Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder on Amazon

This “real” or “true” cinnamon has been a big hit with our customers on Amazon, who have really valued its high quality.  

First, freshly processed in Ceylon you get that full flavor and fragrant aroma so famous in this tropical spice that adds a sultry sweet flavor to any occasion.  Why go for a substitute sugar when you can have something that actually improves blood sugar rather than wrecking the body’s metabolic response?

With regular use of our ultra low coumarin Ceylon, you can hit so many of your health goals.  Why not start with reducing storage of body fat, so you can more easily lose weight? Or lowering your bad cholesterol so you can keep a healthy heart?  

Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder is also great in its antiseptic properties as a beautifier of skin and a natural fighter of inflammation, both inside and outside the body.  But don’t forget its use in food!

With its mild sweet taste, try it with your favorite coffee, tea, oatmeal, cider, baked goods, or to make applesauce.  So many natural remedies also pair it with honey for quite a dynamic duo!

With our premium cinnamon powder, you are safe knowing that we use no additives, preservatives, chemicals, or pesticides. That it is non-irradiated, has no ETO, and is verified non-GMO.

And to maximize your purchase, you’ll also get our complimentary e-book The History of True Cinnamon and Its Life-Changing Benefits so you can learn the secrets that made this cinnamon more valuable than gold itself.

If you are ready to check it out, remember the wise saying of Hippocrates: Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food!



 So What CAN’T You Do with Shredded Coconut? 



organic fine shredded coconut on Amazon

fine shredded organic coconut on Amazon

When the health industry started recognizing its “low fat” mistake in the past ten years, it was a game changer for the coconut.  A completely new world opened up to people who loved dessert, loved tropical food, loved living low carb, and loved FAT.

The ketogenic, low carb, and paleo diets have really caught on and people are feeling great. And how couldn’t you with coconut providing everything from oil to milk to cream to even butter?

One problem though:  with coconut being the most famous of the high-fat superfoods, how can one get a hold of these great panoply of products without breaking the bank?

A great solution is using shredded coconut.  The secret of dehydrating one’s coconut or making it into a “dessicant” form is that it not only can be stored for a long period or time (or freezed for even longer), it can also be used not just for making cookies, decorating cakes, and making ice cream and smoothies, it can also be used to make the cream, butter, and milk that are the ingredients in so many products.

To make your journey simple with our fine shredded coconut, we’ve made it easy with Shredded Coconut Recipes:  Healthy Savory and Sweet.  It’s one of our favorite publications, and you get this e-book FREE when you give Cookoo for Coconut Organic Fine Shredded Coconut a try today.


Want to Know Coconut Oil’s REAL Secrets? 



our favorite coconut oil for beauty

Our Hot Selling New Product:                          Beauty Size Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Sometimes it’s simply astounding the things we find in nature.  It really is no different with premium organic coconut oil. When we found this extra virgin beauty, we decided to capture it in a glass jar to make sure nothing was adulterated, nothing was changed, and the taste would remain pristine.

Our cold-pressed coconut oil has many tricks up its sleeves! Sure it can be used for the traditional medium temperature cooking, from cookies and cakes to stir fries to even making gluten-free granola and mouth-watering chocolate, but it also can be used for bullet proof coffee and tea.

Culinary uses aren’t limited to hot drinks and meals, try some cold ones!  Our coconut oil is great to make smoothies, ice cream and of course fudgcicles!

But smart customers also tap into the ancient secrets that have allowed this essence of coconut to be transformative for beauty and style, from skin, to hair, to nails.

But don’t get us started!

We actually encapsulate it all, FREE, in our e-book Coconut Oil Secrets for Health and Beauty, which you will receive after ordering.

So make your coconut oil a great one by getting the creamiest, tastiest coconut oil from a company that is committed to giving you the best. Our five-star coconut oil is even great raw if you are looking to help out your immune system or even just lose weight.

Grab it here on Amazon while it’s still on sale, and thanks for visiting Coconut Country Living!

 Why Ginger Will Make You a Movie Star 


CCL's premium origanic ginger root powder, specially packaged in gold foil for freshness

Our premium origanic ginger root powder, specially packaged in gold foil for freshness


Ever wanted to look like the movie star Ginger from Gilligan’s Island? Ironically this kitchen spice of the same name has some amazing thermogenic abilities that lead to a Ginger-like (the tv star, not the root!) figure, while bringing the body into balance with its holistic slant.

Of course, not only is ginger well known for its healing properties, it is also a delicious spice that goes well with both savory and sweet dishes, with of course a specialty in ginger bread.

But don’t think its uses stop at ginger bread men and houses, it can also make wonderful hot teas, zesty asian cooking, and surprise you with treats like ginger turmeric muffins and even lemon or orange jello!  So, just mosey over to check out CCL’s premium organic ginger root powder and look out for your free e-book How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful when you give this really cool (and warm) kitchen spice and supplement a try today.

How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful Free e-book with purchase

How Ginger the Kitchen Movie Star Can Spice Up Your Cooking and Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful

 Why Tumeric is the Most Amazing and Healing Spice in History 

Premium Organic Turmeric Root Powder I lb size now on

Premium Organic Turmeric Root Powder I lb size

Have you ever met a bonified yogi?  We at Coconut Country Living are dead sure that despite their very natural appearance, there is certainly a conspiracy out there to keep many of turmeric’s benefits neglected by the masses.

After all, if we all really knew about the healing powers of turmeric, would any of us really get sick?  With thousands upon thousands of studies already having been done to back up turmeric and its active component’s (curcumin) benefits, turmeric’s price is skyrocketing.

And with its multiciplicity of uses for spicy dishes, baked goods, and supplemental forms, there are plenty of ways to get turmeric’s amazing benefits, even for beauty.

The good news, though, is that Coconut Country Living is offering this amazing spice at a steeply discounted price until spring 2017 with its free e-book The History of Turmeric’s Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty: What the Yogis Aren’t Telling You when you give this versatile healing herb a try today!

Get The History of Turmerics Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty FREE when you purchase today

Get The History of Turmerics Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty FREE

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