When Rachel Parent bravely decided to join the “Right to Know” movement to give consumers at least some idea about whether their food was genetically mixed with viruses, bacteria, and dangerous pesticides she may not have know the competition she would soon be up against.


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Starting as a 12-yr old, she set out in spreading awareness about GMOs and their potential deadly effects, blissfully ignorant “Mr Wonderful” would be in her future. But, just a couple short years later, a certain black-hearted billionaire called her out (or owt, as they say, north of the border).

So what did Mr Kevin O’Leary say to get Rachel so upset? It was that “stupid people” protest against Monsanto.  Though many would argue that Mr O’Leary, a billionaire, is quite crafty and no “dummy” himself, it is ironic that he would use a term like “stupid” to describe the people who protest against genetically modified food, when they are some of the most educated people in our society.  A cursory glance at Audience Insights on Facebook shows that followers of Dr Joseph Mercola, for example, one of most anti-GMO people in the country (having given millions so people could simply know if there are genetically modified ingredients in their foods), are not only 57% more likely to have finished grad school, but are 76% more likely to be in married (i.e. stable) relationships.  So much for the stupid, loose cannon stereotype that Monsanto’s friends want to use for people who simply want to know if they are eating something mixed with viruses, bacteria, and deadly pesticides.

GMO Rats

GMOs and Monsanto meant death to these rats and terrible damage to the liver and kidneys, not to mention horrible tumors.


Battling Back

Rachel was ready for the task.  But Kevin’s or Ms Lang’s (his cohost) attempts to falsely paint Rachel’s agenda as “political” was thwarted by their own self destructive proclamations: “We are in a long-term study. You’re eating genetically modified food, “ conjoined with Ms Lang’s gleeful, ”We’re the lab rats!”.  So much for Mr O’Leary’s bold and erroneous statement that “many organizations, including the government” test genetically modified organisms.

Those even mildly aware of the dangers of GMOs know this isn’t true. Part of the reason for the great danger posed by the GMO contamination is that consumers have been prevented from knowing what these foods do to the body long term, and the few studies that have been done show a Pandora’s box of diseases and deaths correlated with significant consumption of them.

What Consumers Can Do

To be sure, GMOs are a multi-billion dollar industry.  One need not long any further than the proliferation of GMOs polluting 90% of their genetically similar crops: corn, soy, cotton, and canola. Even more, in recent years, we have seen hundreds of millions of dollars poured into campaigns just to sue hundreds of conventional farmers for bogus “patent infringement” cases regarding GMO seeds and stop right-to-know legislation that would alert consumers to the hidden ingredients in their food.  It’s a tough plight for consumers. Despite the billions of dollars in lawsuits against Monsanto, the company still has much financial strength, and much reach, with companies like Coca Cola, the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) and individuals like billionaire Bill Gates funding new and old initiatives to assist in their own versions of “population control”.

So what can we do?  The lawsuits are mounting and despite many losses against Monsanto’s all-star legal teams, slowly but surely coffers are being drained by litigants who have been harmed by Monsanto’s reckless practices. In fact, some small areas have even been successful in banning GMOs. But Monsanto still has much fight in it.  What these local victories have shown us (and those in “little” countries) is to start small. And what smaller tool could we possibly use than those with the most vested in this fight? That’s right, the children.

Rachel Parents started KidsRighttoKnow.com to make a real difference in a world that doesn’t seem to care about what happens to the next generation, or even to itself. After all, who really bothers to find out whether the unlabeled soy or seven-syllable ingredients in their food are GMO or not? Rachel is fighting for those who don’t know any better, but who are doing their bodies and their environments irreparable harm, and she’s doing a great job. Check out her website. Honestly, it’s probably the best looking website for a consumer to understand what Monsanto and friends are doing to us, the consumers, and to our world. All she needs is a little more help to turn the tide and help people understand that they are being hoodwinked by the GMA, Monsanto, and their counterparts.  Once we stop buying the their garbage, whether it be Roundup or GMO Corn or the handful of poisonous products they are using to complete their takeover of agriculture, they will lose their ability to continue to destroy.  We need brave soldiers like Rachel to continue the fight.  Won’t you support her?



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