When the Extinctions of Several Species Means that There is Probably Sea Plastic in Your Food

The reason millions of sea and air animals die off in droves may be more apparent than you think

It’s not just the turtles that are in jeopardy, every year we are seeing millions of sea and air animals die off in droves. What is the reason?

Follow these tips to cut back on these toxic ingredients and do a bit to help save the planet in the meantime.

I’m really beginning to hate plastic. Some people may call it a necessary evil in our society, but when that evil means the imminent extinction of several species and the not so distant threat of the extinction of ours, should we just put up with it?

There are several articles detailing the real and imminent danger plastic is now causing not only to the air and sea life we treasure, but also to the very mammal who is the primary culprit of this unnatural waste product in the first place:  us.  Make no mistake about it.  It is tough to avoid plastic in the modern world, but how many people are even half heartedly trying to cut down on this consumption.  Dahr Jamal’s article about the startling reality of our present situation is quite depressing. Yes, now we are eating the plastic.  In fact, only 5% of plastic actually ends up being recycled at this current time. Combining with the fact that all plastics leach (bad stuff) over time (except a very small group we call “bioplastics”), it shows why might be called the “circle of plastic” is now making mankind infertile, especially because billions of pounds of chemicals like BPA are wreaking havoc with endocrine systems, shutting down our abilities to procreate, and even cursing a significant amount of our progeny with disease related to hormone production like autism.

Make no mistake about it though, plastic is not the only culprit. From oil spills to glyphosphate runoff to toxic nucleotides from Fukushima that will haunt us for millenia, the threats in our environment are only increasing.

So, what does this mean for us today?  In short, we mustn’t waste any time and pretend like a few dead sea turtles is “no big deal”. It’s much more than a few dead sea turtles, and it is a big deal. But, although it’s election year, unfortunately it does not look like the government will save us any time soon. Republicans might say that Democrats are being alarmist about something that private enterprise should be left to handle. Democrats might say that we need bigger and better government to handle the problem, but in the end the buck stops with us.  How much have we participated in the problem, and what can we do about it?

If you’d like to be more of the solution than the cause of the problem take these simple steps:

  • Ditch the plastic bags.

Not using plastic bags is the easiest answer to slow down a situation that has been exponentially getting worse.  The Texas-sized North Pacific Garbage Patch didn’t get there overnight. Years of “disposable” plastics have landed us in a big mess.  Let’s be honest. If Australia could ban plastic bags and survive, if even Costco and Aldi could become companies worth billions of dollars and capture huge parts of the market, can’t we thrive without using extra plastic bags?

  • If you are going to use a plastic bag, make it reusable.

As I will show below, there are plastic bags being developed that are truly biodegradable and actually enhance the environment. There is a time, very soon, to support their initiative. However, must of us are stuck with non biodegradable plastic. But if you have to use plastic, why not reuse it and not just toss it in the recycling big, considering that even 50% of that stuff doesn’t make it to the recycling station?  This is a big reason that we at Coconut Country Living are switching over to reusable standup bags for our organic superfoods before we have the chance to go all of the way with bioplastics.

  • Support companies that minimize the plastic footprint.

plastic pollution is causing children big problems

If you really think about it, our children don’t deserve to inherit the massive problem plastic pollution is causing.

We need to be honest about this.  We’ve dug ourselves into a HUGE mess.  Our children’s future is at stake. Many companies simply need to be shamed into doing the right thing. By being willing to pay 5 or 10% more for products that fix the problem instead of making it worse, we will avoid the 10 or 20% taxes that we will need to fix a problem that is practically insurmountable.

Hey look, I know that this isn’t a fun problem that we feel like cheering about at the local football or basketball game or even at a picnic with that special someone. It’s one of those problems that when considering its enormity seems to swallow us in an ethereal monstrous black hole.  But, it’s really no more than a monstrous sand dune in a very big sandbox, and if we all use our shovels, we can dig ourselves out. Coconut Country Living is happy to do its part as we convert to more eco-friendly packaging and we invite you to support our efforts as we reward you for caring. When you visit our Amazon Superfood Store you will notice all of our products are on sale in this very special launch month for our three new products (organic extra virgin coconut oil, org shredded coconut, and org Ceylon true cinnamon powder) and a sale on our hugely popular gluten free coconut flour to go along with it.  With your support, we are launching a huge initiative to address the pollution in our seas. We are all in this together, and we’d love your comments below to know that you are on board in this fight to save the life in the seas and to preserve our own species from being the victim of its own carelessness. Please share and like if you have picked up your shovel already.




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