Cookoo for Coconut Organic Coconut Flour, being launched in January 2015, is the flagship product of Coconut Country Living.  Ultimately sustainable, the coconut tree can be used for warmth, sustenance, beauty, household furniture, kitchen cleanliness, mattresses and even doormats.

We consider it a tremendous gift to have found such a tasty treat that is not only sustainable to produce, as it is the byproduct of coconut oil, which is also so important to health, but is also life- and health-giving for so many groups of people. Whether you be overweight, diabetic, gluten-intolerant, carb-intolerant, or even allergic to almond flour, we believe coconut flour is the answer for those carving a wheat substitute. As you learn the new ways to use your coconut flour, please give us a ring and let us know how you are doing. Many of us have come a long way in our diet and way of living, and the journey to good health is sometimes hard, but steady progress can make a huge difference when one is seeking an important goal.

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Introduction of Cookoo for Coconut USDA Organic Coconut Flour

Our introductory product on special at, Cookoo for Coconut Coconut Flour