Everyone of us has a mission in this world. At CCL we hope to make the world a better place by not only promoting sustainable agriculture, healthy products, and a healthy lifestyle, but bringing back a wholesome pleasure in life.

coconut country mission

One day he too will need to make a choice for good

Our products are consumer driven. If our customers do no demand the best, healthiest, and tastiest products for their families, we do not exist.  But, “Does a father give his son a stone?” We hope not, and that is why we plan to stay, offering competitive pricing for the best health giving products while also staying in the fight for consumer rights. None of us deserve to be forced to eat food of questionable sources, so we seek transparency on local and federal levels for consumers who want to know where their food comes from. Please join us in our cause and write in or call us and tell us how we can help you reestablish a healthy food system in America.