Our promise is “beyond organic”.  More can be said about what we promise to our customers, but we start with the premise that we would not offer to our customers anything we would not nurture our own family with.  While the FDA and USDA are quite happy offering carcinogenic and questionable ingredients like carageenan, most parents who are aware of the corporate interests in the USDA certification board do not so happily give their children food without looking at the ingredients.

We not only look at the ingredients for you, but do every test we can to make sure you are getting top quality, ensuring you will come back for more.



At CCL, we are not willing to compromise on quality or safety and promise to add no artificial or questionable ingredients to the whole food we offer.


But our beyond organic promise doesn’t stop there. We promise to defend the families we serve from the corporate interests who do not care about harming our land, our food supply, and our farmers with genetically modified crops, harmful ingredients, and even lawsuits.  Please work with us as we try to help restore the purity of our food supply and give hope back to our young people that they can have a bit of food not worrying about where it came from.