I’ll never forget the day I was introduced to SMOOTHIES.

I was living with a guy I barely knew, who had taken me into his home (seemingly a million years from civilization) after I had had my heart broken and been kicked out of a cult shortly thereafter.

In other words, I needed DETOX.

And badly.

You see, I was also very sick at the time.  Not knowing the true cause of my chronic illness, I was taking one or two supplements that kept me on a virtual life support. But the gunk in my system still poisoning me was still there.

I looked at my big friend (actually my same height but filled out from being a garbage man for 2 or 3 years) crack his raw eggs into the green swamp in the blender, sprinkle some pixie dust, and shortly thereafter do the unthinkable: DRINK IT!

My own health tended toward nausea anyway.  But I suppose my faint recollections of a scene in Rocky somewhat comforted me that my friend still had the chance of being at least somewhat human.

Fast forward about one year. To say the least, I was a smoothie (called the “Bob”, in Cincinnati, for its famous inventor). However, I’m not sure I was at the raw egg phase.

At that point, I was somewhat better, physically and spiritually, from what I could recall.  My tragic downfall though, as you will see, is that I was CHEAP.

The trouble all started when I noticed I was getting down to the last tablespoon or so of my Perfect Food green stuff. As I carelessly topped the bottle over, I suppose I was just too dense to notice I had also dropped the little plastic measuring scoop in there too.

Happily, I started blending until I decided after about 2 1/2 seconds that the loud crackling actually wasn’t the natural sound of berries and shelled walnuts or whatever else I had put in there.

I’ll spare you the detailed description of how I tried to pick out the 200 pieces of plastic now in my smoothie, trying to drink it ANYWAY, despite the burnt smell of plastic in the air (yes finally I gave up!!!).

All this to say, though I know not many people would be as stubborn or cheap as me to try to drink a plastic-infused smoothie, realistically about 98% of us have BPA in our blood because of its omnipresence.

And its effects are really horrible, from cancer, to autism, to diabetes, to arthritis. You name it.

And the truth is that the best way to deal with getting BPA out of your body is to sweat it out, and to go with a ketogenic diet to promote that inner burning to get the junk out of your system.

So, as for me, I really stick to glass or metal or ceramic (whenever I can), for more than one reason when I choose my drinking or eating apparatus.

That why I recommend a coconut oil like Coconut Country Living’s that’s organic, easy to take, very pure, and also in a glass jar.

I think we owe it to ourselves, our children, and the environment to not add any more plastic smoothies to the world. Let’s clean this mess up, starting with all the junk inside us.  MD









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