We’ve been hard at work here at Coconut Country Living updating our Low Glycemic Coconut Flour Recipes with the hottest picks! Glorious and Gluten Free, it’s now both on Amazon ($.99) and Smashwords (FREE).  The benefits of using coconut flour are simply astounding.  If you haven’t gotten started yet, what are you waiting for (Info Below)?

low glycemic coconut flour recipes

                       the best low glycemic recipes made from coconut flour

Our Cookoo for Coconut Organic Coconut Flour has been a big hit from the get go. Why? Though coconut flour is great for you, some companies may use the not-so-best coconuts to finish their batch.  But, we’ve decided to go all out, and not only package in an allergen-free, GMO-free facility, we’ve also only gone with the freshest, tastiest organic coconuts.  This is why you’ll see why this flour is creamy white with a delightful aroma from the moment you open it. Have you given it a try? Your just one click away from getting it and our other free gluten free recipe e-book, the updated Great Coconut Flour Recipes, Savory and Sweet. Get it on Amazon, today, at a great price.

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