And Why It’s Just Not Smart to Take Expensive (and Dangerous) Medication Instead!

It was something that struck me to the heart.

Looking at the x-ray of my neck and back, this spry little chiropractor (at least compared to me at 6’4”) was asking me, “Do you ever get headaches?”.

I really didn’t want to admit that headaches were an issue too.

I had had ankylosing spondylitis, a type or arthritis for about 25 years, and truthfully I found it absolutely devastating at times.

My joints and emotions were shot, and I was barely shuffling my feet as I kept telling myself that a chiropractor could never help me, since my back was sore to the slightest touch.

Yet, lo and behold, within a few short weeks, we were moving joints I thought were completely fused and worthless, I was walking easily, and even the headaches eased up a bit.  Yes, very close to a miracle!

But some people still might ask: Isn’t going to the chiropractor expensive or actually dangerous if you don’t find the right one? Or will chiropractic doctors really help my headaches right away if something hormonal or chemical is really going on?

why to use ginger instead of chiropractic for ginger

Chiropractic treatment for headaches can be effective,yet expensive compared to simple herbal treatments

Though you may  be queasy or uneasy when you ask the above questions, the good news is that there is a place for a particular herb to get the job done without shelling out a few thousand dollars or putting your back into the hands of a doctor you don’t know.

In fact, a little herb called “ginger”, or zingiber officianale, has not only helped with severe headaches like with migraines much longer than any chiropractor has, it can do it more effectively and MUCH more safely than even very expensive drugs like sumatriptan.

I know so from experience, but let me prove it!

The Ugly Truth

migraine medication makes big pharma big bucks

Headache medication can be very expensive

With an estimated $4 billion being spent on headaches this year, the pharmaceutical industry has a strong interest in framing the way we think of headaches.

These sometimes paralyzing pain grenades can really suck the life out of you and have you begging to take ANYTHING to make that terrible ache go away, in not at least lessen.

But the truth is that we have had an effective remedy for not centuries, but millenia, in ginger.

In fact, in a study with Imegraz (one of the forms of sumatriptan), it was shown in a double-blind randomized study that just ⅛ of a teaspoon of powdered ginger was as effective, lessening or completely eliminating pain in the same amount of time as the very scary drug.

Scary drug? Yes, scary in 3 ways.

  1. Imegraz is REALLY expensive, as in 3000x as expensive as even organic ginger powder.
  2. Imegraz frequently gives some unpleasant side effects (like dizziness, drowsiness, vertigo, and heartburn) 500% more frequently than ginger’s (ie which has only mild stomach upset, happening in 4% of cases).
  3. Imegraz not only has its side effects more frequently than ginger, the side effects can include not only the standard unpleasant ones, but even heart attacks and death.

So why would you even consider using this dangerous drug when ginger not only helps with headaches but does so much more?

Let’s see how it works.

Packed with over 200 substances, mainly present in its oils, ginger root is known to block prostaglandins that stimulates muscle contraction, controls inflammation and affect the release of many hormones.

All this acts directly on how a headache affects our body.  

So taking ginger powder for headaches is not a new phenomenon. People have been using the root for migraines for decades, and with good reason. Ginger root is not only a fast source of relief from aches and pains all over the body, but it also gives users a ton of other benefits– everything from having a healthy heart to reducing nausea (and more!).

But before getting into the nitty-gritty of how and why ginger roots work as natural remedies for a host of afflictions, let’s start by understanding the roots themselves.

How to use Ginger Root Powder for Migraines

Many people know the ginger root as a spice, but those interested in finding the root itself can recognize the tropical green- and purple-flowered plant with the Latin name zingiber officinale.

The roots of this plant are what we know as the ginger root.

Ginger roots are renowned for their healing properties, which is why many people use the root as a spice or as a natural remedy for conditions like headaches.

Ginger Powder for Headaches: How it Works

After getting some tips on how to use ginger root powder for headaches below, you’ll realize that your migraine or headache will dissipate almost as instantly as if you were on a powerful narcotic or headache drug.

This is because many of the over 200 components of the ginger root play a part in reducing inflammation as well as regulating the specific hormones related to your pain.

When the ginger root produces these effects, it helps knock out practically any type of headache or migraine.

Now that we understand what the ginger root is and how it works, we can go right ahead and look at how to actually use ginger root for migraines and headaches.

How to Use Ginger Root for Headaches

Ginger roots are great for relieving pain and preventing the unwanted side effects that come with taking drugs to deal with migraines and headaches. However, not everyone can use the herb indiscriminately.

If you fit into any of the categories below, consult your doctor before undertaking any of the remedies in this section:

  •         If you’re trying to have a baby or are already pregnant.
  •         If you have a child and are still breastfeeding.
  •         Those taking medication that suppresses the immune system
  •         Individuals with any of these conditions: ulcers, gallstones, blocked intestines, inflammatory bowel disease among other digestive system defects.

If you fit into the above categories, your doctor may recommend against using ginger for headaches, or just guide you on which dosage is right for you and how long to use the thick, tan-colored root. If you’re good to go with using ginger powder to get rid of your headache, here are four methods you can go to in a pinch.

  1. Ginger and Cold Water (woah!)

If you want a fast and safe way to get rid of your headaches and don’t mind a little unpleasantness, then using this remedy should be a no-brainer. All you need to do is grind about 1/8 of a teaspoon of fresh ginger and add it to cold water. Down the resulting concoction and enjoy relief from your headache on about half an hour.

     2.  Ginger Tea (yum!)

Most people usually use this remedy because it’s well-known. For this method, you’ll still need freshly ground ginger root and clean water. However, instead of using it cold, boil the water and pour the ginger powder into it. Filter the solution and enjoy a cup of ginger tea as a homemade headache remedy.

     3. Ginger Steam (Ahh….)

Not everyone believes ginger roots are the most sumptuous spices, especially when taken medicinally. So, if you want to get all the healing goodness of the root without actually drinking it, these last two remedies will be just right for you. In method three, bring some water to boil and add the fresh ginger powder to it. Instead of drinking the solution like in Remedy 2, however, put it under low heat and inhale the resulting vapor. This method reduces the intensity of your headache and saves you from tasting the ginger.  In addition, you can easily get the powder in organic (non pesticide) form.This is important because dangerous chemicals are often sprayed on ginger if it is not certified organic (and China, which is the source of much ginger root in the local produce section, has a somewhat notorious reputation of exporting tainted food).

4.  Ginger Paste (boom!)

First, ensure that you’re in a serene place. Take enough ginger powder to make a paste and to it, add a small amount of warm water. Spread the paste on your forehead, close your eyes, and relax. You should get almost instant relief from your headache.

So there you have it. Ginger isn’t just the name of a shipwrecked overprice movie star any more.  She’s actually a humble helpful gal that can rescue you even if you feel like a castaway on some very rough seas, so keep some ginger power on hand.

What kind of ways have you used ginger powder to get effective relief when you get headaches? Please share as you know how bad a throbbing headache can be!

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