Hope you’ve been enjoying your free report: The 7 Darkest Secrets of Coconut Oil.

Sure, there are a lot of dark things to dwell on when one thinks about charlatans in the natural food movement. Heck, there are even those from the outside who really don’t mind if they put our health at risk.

But there are also those out there, who are doing amazing things to help people restore their health.

For this reason, I’d love for you to take a 60-second jaunt with me to Coconut Country (Kerala, India), where I began to really learn the secrets to health restoration and harnessing one’s natural energy.

I had been sick for some time– almost 25 years– and had decided that I was not going to take the regular systemic medication that was relieving a good 70% of my joint pain and saving me from a life confined to my bed as I writhed in agony.

I had been diagnosed in 1993 with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a fairly rare joint/auto-immune condition that not only made the back and all sort of joints in the body very sore, it actually fused the joints of the back so its victim was a walking ironing board.

Pretty depressing, right?

Well, I still had some mobility during my trip with my wife to India, her homeland, but my secret weapon was her maiden name: Vaidyan. Meaning doctor in Hindi. And their specialty was ayurveda: natural medicine.

Thousands of Years of Healing Poured Onto My Back

My wife’s grandparents had been doctors, their relatives had been doctors, and their relatives too.  In short, my wife’s family for thousands of years had been healing people naturally, without the aid of the FDA, Big Pharma, or even Bill Gates. : |

Though Mary’s grandparents were ayurvedic eye doctors, I had hope that with the rich history of the tiny scrolls passed down from one generation to the next, her family could help me find the doctor to bring my aching body back into balance.

The “hospital” was a dungeon. And I was scared.
It was just what seemed to be a damp, dripping ceiling, or being beneath everybody in the “real” world. It was that the walls had also been scorched with incense and candle smoke, and I honestly don’t speak much Malayalam. 
Thanks be to God my wife was with me.
But though I had someone to talk to, and even a laptop to duel my computer in poker (and a few other games), I had been off my medication for days. And I was in pain.
So when I was asked to lie on my stomach (which was very difficult), I was not expecting any sort of therapy to be helpful since muscle rubs in the USA hadn’t done much for me.
But I lay down anyway.
And was I surprised. 
As the assistant doctor began to basically paint my back with a type of pleasant smelling tar, the pain began to disappear. With the heat.
It was amazing.
And though other amazing things happened to me at this clinic as I had real breakthroughs with some of the crippling conditions of my illness, I really began to understand the idea of bringing the body back into balance, and pushing those unnatural elements out.
But more than anything, I really consider the experience to be formative in creating Coconut Country Living.  If it weren’t for it, and seeing what I considered at the time miracles of sorts, I wouldn’t have the confidence to search for the perfect products to do the same for you.
Thanks for taking a second to take this jaunt with me to Coconut Country.
What has helped you the most in your path toward healing and more vigorous health?

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