Who should care about allergies?

My first attempt at a “how to” self-care massage video so bare with me đŸ™‚

Massage can greatly help relieve sinus headaches, sinus pressure, and a stuffy nose from allergies! There are sinus pressure points on your face, as well as other areas around your head, neck, shoulders, and face that can bring great relief.

The first part of this video works around the neck and is intended for you to practice laying down so that your neck is fully supported at all times. This is simply to ensure comfort and ease while adjusting your head to increase pressure or pull during your massage.

The neck and face portion are easy enough to do sitting up at the office or on your lunch break! It’s also a really lovely way to warm up to your day, or to relax to at night.

Enjoy making funny faces with me! Wish I could see you too đŸ™‚

Skin Care – Allergies – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Allergies occur when the immune system reacts abnormally to certain stimuli. Watch how you can treat allergies using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!


Unfavorable susceptibilities include an overcompensation of the body’s invulnerable framework, which is in charge of battling diseases. There are numerous sorts of unfavorable susceptibilities, including occasional anaphylaxes (which include hypersensitive responses to dusts, grasses and weeds), perpetual hypersensitivities (which keep going for 9 or more months out of the year), interminable hypersensitivities (to allergens, for example, clean and mold), nourishment anaphylaxes, prescription hypersensitivities, creepy crawly venom hypersensitivities, and creature anaphylaxes, among others. Also, some individuals create a conceivably life-undermining unfavorable susceptibility to latex, which is found in elastic gloves, while others can get to be “sharpened” to substances they have been over and again presented to at work, a condition known as “word related hypersensitivity.”

Unfavorably susceptible reactions range from gentle to life debilitating. Normal gently irritating hypersensitivity side effects incorporate sniffling, blockage, runny nose, watery eyes, cerebral pain and weariness. Be that as it may, presentation to a few allergens, for example, peanuts, shellfish, bug stings, solutions, and latex can rapidly advance to extreme life-debilitating responses or hypersensitivity. Hence, look for crisis mind immediately on the off chance that you encounter a mixof a portion of the accompanying side effects:

Trouble relaxing

Wheezing (alongside shrill breathing sounds)


Uneasiness, dread, anxiety

Slurred discourse

Swelling of the face, eyes, tongue or limits

Inconvenience gulping

Extreme sweating

Faintness, dizziness, unsteadiness

Heart palpitations (feeling one’s heart pulsated)

Sickness and retching

Loose bowels

Stomach agony, cramping


Quick or powerless heartbeat rate

Pale, cool, wet skin or skin redness

Blueness of skin, including lips or nail couches (or grayish for darker compositions)

Loss of awareness

To help keep the requirement for crisis administer to unfavorable susceptibility assaults, you can take the accompanying preventive measures:

Visit your doctor consistently. The proceeding with guidance of a specialist is urgent to the long haul treatment of hypersensitive conditions. Your doctor may allude you to a restorative authority, known as an allergist/immunologist, who has gotten extraordinary preparing in diagnosing and treating unfavorably susceptible maladies. This kind of expert can prescribe certain medication treatments or desensitization medicines (otherwise called “anaphylaxis shots”).

Know your hypersensitivities. In the event that you and your doctor suspect you have unfavorable susceptibilities, you may be tried to figure out what is setting off your side effects.

Dodge allergens. When you recognize what you are hypersensitive to, dodge the allergen. For instance:

In the event that you are hypersensitive to shellfish, don’t consume it; your first response may be mellow yet extra exposures can rapidly prompt life-undermining responses.

In the event that felines make you break out in hives, don’t pet them or keep them in your home.

In the event that you are hypersensitive to creepy crawly venom, take safety measures when going out of entryways, especially at sure times of year when such bugs are more predominant or forceful, or when picnicking or in lush situations. Persons with bug venom anaphylaxes ought to likewise conduct self-injectable epinephrine (Epipen or Twinject), diphenihydramine or a honey bee sting pack (every a wellbeing supplier’s guidelines); injectable epinephrine ought to be utilized just on the individual for whom it has been endorsed.

In the event that you are sensitive to dust or mold, evade the outside on breezy days or when you start to perceive side effects. The wind frequently mixes up dust and mold and brings it through the air. Likewise, don’t hang clothing out to dry. Dust and molds can gather on sheets and dress And minimize action outside at first light (5 a.m. to 10 a.m.) when dust is generally discharged into the air. -To minimize introduction to open air allergens, keep auto windows shut when you drive, and consider utilizing aerating and cooling when your regular unfavorable susceptibility indications are best case scenario, both in your auto and at home (gave the framework is frequently cleaned and kept up and channels are habitually changed).

In the event that you are oversensitive to grass or molds, don’t cut your grass and stay away from the outside when others are cutting their gardens.

In the event that you are oversensitive to shape (or have a hypersensitive asthmatic response to it) and experience uplifted unfavorably susceptible indications in your regular home or workplace, consider procuring somebody to examine and location the issue. (Don’t endeavor to uproot rotten protection and different things from your home yourself; doing so can result in an extraordinary unfavorably susceptible response.)

Extra Precautions and Prevention

Individuals with unfavorable susceptibilities and asthma, which are frequently related, ought to dependably convey drugs with them and get some information about wearing medicinal caution armlets or gems. (The Medicalert® Foundation offers medicinal distinguishing proof wrist trinkets on their site at www.medicalert.org.)

All the more particularly, people with asthma ought to dependably convey a snappy easing inhaler (bronchodilator, for example, albuterol, and stay away from known asthma triggers when conceivable. People at danger of hypersensitivity, for whom a specialist has endorsed self-injectable epinephrine, (for example, an Epipen or Twinject), ought to convey it at all times and know how to utilize it as a part of a crisis. Demonstrate to your family and companions proper methodologies to utilize it on you too.

Persons with unfavorably susceptible asthma and related anaphylaxes ought to dodge presentation to contamination from poor air quality or tobacco smoke. In the event that you live in a city that measures and figures air quality, stay inside however much as could reasonably be expected when the gauge is poor (e.g., “Code Red,” Code Orange”). On the off chance that you are inclined to work out prompted asthma, be mindful of your limits, particularly in the event that you do strenuous movement in contaminated or high-dust zones (e.g., puts that have a great deal of trees, grass, weeds).

Injectable epinephrine ought not be utilized on persons other than the individual for whom it has been recommended (e.g., asthmatics or persons hypersensitive to bug venom). Some individuals may have hidden wellbeing conditions that could be unfavorably influence

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