Right now Nepal is really reeling, and in desperate need of prayers. Just when relief missions were winding down, urgent rescue missions were again desperately needed when the new 7.3 earthquake decimated towns and houses, while cutting off many villages from any chance of rescue with massive landslides. While we certainly shouldn’t give up in our aid to help those who can be helped there, believe it or not, understanding the nature of some of the more recent disasters in that part of the world can help us help those who are right in our own backyard.

Living in a very electronic world that sometimes doesn’t seem so tied to nature at all, we sometimes get the impression that pain, sickness, and disease appear somewhat randomly, like an email from a Nigerian Prince promising gobs of cash. But if one thinks about it and studies the principles in play, our health really seems 100% under our control. For example, think about structure:


Think about all of the recent news about how simply sitting can “kill” you. No, not kill at the at the rate of a well-designed electric chair, but take off years, many years, from one’s life through many chronic illnesses. Start with reduced blood flow and pinched nerves. The human body was not meant to be cramped in a chair for hours at a time and very few chairs are truly ergonomic enough to do what they need to do to support our back and neck properly. The result: those little pinches and misalignments can do a lot of damage. In fact, a pinch the weight of a quarter can reduce nerve transmissions by 60%. No wonder we have so many modern illnesses that a more upright agriculture society simply didn’t experience. The nervous system through the CNS (from the brain to the tailbone) is intimately involved in any disease we can imagine. Even something as “incurable” as a rare skin disease has been shown to be cured by hypnosis, of all things, as a recent Radio Lab episode revealed.

Nerves are Intimately Involved in Inflammation
We are Many Times Reminded that Our CNS is Intimately Related to How We Feel

The Flaring of the Nerves

Of course, one cannot mention modern disease without talking about inflammation. Whether prompted by a physical strain (e.g. bad posture or an injury) or something in our diet– inflammation, scientists have found, is practically synonymous with disease. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease…it really doesn’t matter.

Radioactive Meltdown in Japan Caused by Overheating
Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Shows What Uncontrolled Inflammation Can Lead To

Like a nuclear reactor, our body’s own “reactor” needs what might be called coolants (i.e. antioxidants and enzymes). Putting these fires out in our body can be as important as preventing a meltdown at a nuclear powerplant. Unfortunately, the importance of having proper structure and coolants in place came to life in Japan’s recent nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima da-Ichi nuclear power plant. The plant was simply not equipped to deal with the mechanical pressure of the earthquake there and its coolant system, being severed from its own central nervous system did nothing to stop the devastation that will impact the world for eons to come.

Asia’s Remedy: What Can We Learn

Luckily, the same people who have been vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters because of their geography and involvement in nuclear fission gave us long ago keys that can not only help the survivors of those catastrophes but us too. Just look at herbal medicine and acupuncture. There has been a tremendous boom in American’s use of them in the last 50 years as a source of healing, and results have been remarkable. While these treatments can do much to help survivors to recover from the trauma and had health of the above terrible accidents, it was actually Western medicine that added one important component that has not been addressed in quite the same way by the East: structure.

Research has shown that the fairly new (though practiced in a primitive form as early as 2700 BC in China) chiropractic medicine has been able to help patients through correcting the body’s structure and inflammatory response in a remarkable way. In fact, as chiropractic care is based on many of the same principles as acupuncture, it can deal with the same neurological issues that acupuncture can. In addition, it can mechanically correct subluxations (pinches) rather than offering the indirect help through the body’s energy, as acupuncture does. Simply speaking, pinched nerves often need to be unpinched, and chiropractors expertise in manipulating joints into their proper places helps patients clear this final obstacle to healing. In addition, many good chiropractors supply effective but safe herbal supplements that add the “cooling” factor that many of us need to quench our inflammatory fires.

Curious about what chiropractic can do for your health? The good news is that 95% of those who have tried chiropractic are satisfied customers. Not only does insurance typically cover chiropractic costs and does it cost approximately only 50% of what one would expect at an MD, but one can now get in a free session with two of the leading chiropractors (just take care of your x-ray if it is needed) in Greater Cincinnati. Dr Paul and Patrick Baker have helped thousands of patients in the past 20 years back to vigorous health through their expertise and state-of-the-art technology. With most conditions having some relationship to the nervous system, there are few situations they are unfamiliar with. Do yourself a favor and see them today, and start living again so you can enjoy the road to health and wellness where you can help others get better too.

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