Another thing that might turn up throughout the vacations when you are keeping to a whole foods way of life is having to take a trip. You could be traveling to your parent’s home for the Thanksgiving vacation.  The trip itself might even be a little bit more complex because of your diet regimen. Here are some pointers for getting through the journey while keeping your cool on the whole foods diet regimen.


Consume a Meal Before You Leave

A good means to start your journey is to have an whole foods dish at home prior to you leave. This will allow you have a filling meal that includes all the whole foods you allow your family members to eat.

Bring Along Some Snacks

No matter what approach of travel you select for the vacations, you should be able to bring along several of your very own treats. You could normally bring snacks in the car, in your carry-on bag if you get on a plane, or in your personal effects when you take a bus or train. Some great whole food treats that travel well include raw nuts and seeds, fresh or dried out fruit, sliced raw veggies, olives, seaweed (like Nori sheets), and also packs of nut butter to dip your veggies in. There are additionally some nutrition bars that are authorized for the whole food diet regimen, such as EPIC bars.

Book a Hotel With a Mini Fridge

If you are renting on your vacation, you could can maintain an ice chest in the vehicle that keeps your food cold, and then place it in the tiny refrigerator when you get to the resort. This allows you to bring along some containers of prepared food that just need to be positioned in the fridge, and then they can just be warmed up.

Learn How to Eat Out Properly

Most dining establishments will have something you can consume on the entire foods diet. For your side meals, it should be fit to have fresh veggies and fresh fruit. A side salad is also an excellent choice, but its a good idea to get the dressing on the side.

Also keep in mind how much you are going to allow yourself to “cheat”. Is your diet sensitive enough so that your health will suffer for weeks by “cheating”. Whatever you decide, keep to your resolution, but as the Boy Scouts say, also “be prepared!”.

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