Fuel up with this energy-boosting and fiber loaded smoothie that will absolutely make you work out ready! There are no frozen bananas in this recipe! If you are in Florida or the southwest, count your lucky stars, but up north we have enough cold as it is! : )

Mango Spinach Coconut Smoothie


1 mango, peeled and cored
2 cups of organic baby spinach
1 banana
6 oz pineapple
1 tbsp of organic coconut flour
1/2 tbsp of unrefined virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp of white chia seeds
A dash of North Atlantic sea salt
1/2 cup soaked then dehydrated almonds (preferably raw and unpasturized)
1/2 cup coconut water


1. Combine the ingredients into high-speed blender. The higher the speed, the more smooth your smoothie will be (but remember the value of whole food
too, so don’t break it down TOO much!)
2. Add coconut water to thin as much as you wish.
3. Enjoy your Mango Spinach Coconut Pineapple Smoothie

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