faceless specter of disease fought by coconut oil

                       The faceless specter of disease strikes many of us. How should one react?

Opening your mind to the ancient traditions and  remedies of Ayurveda can really do wonders for your health, and the way you think about your health, and even the world.

If give yourself the maximum chance to unlock the secrets of Ayurvedic medicine, it promises a long life of vitality that can bring out your inner beauty and strength. But I had to learn that the painful way.

Yet, never were the secrets  this more clear than when I met there the woman with no face.

You see, she had a form of palsy, which I presumed was incurable (and have found out since that it normally is) in which a side of her face collapsed so much so that her friends did not recognize her.

We caught her with her shades on toward the end of her treatment, but beneath those shades we could still the remnant of the horror that had transformed her face.

The whole incident really did boggle my mind though.  I was sure that millions, if not billions were spent on conditions like hers, yet she was apparently cured with some basic Ayurvedic oils and massage.

Though my mind was opened in a general way after seeing the “miracle” of the woman’s transformation, the hope she gave me was actually more specific.

You see, I was a patient in that Ayurvedic hospital in Trivandum, Kerala. I was the one in extreme pain, and battling ancillary conditions like severe iritis, a blinding burning eye condition that literally had me crying in agony.

Getting through those therapies was rough.

But that woman who lost her face…so much her friends didn’t recognize her…she gave me hope.  She had traveled hundreds of miles to go to this (what seemed to me to be a) filthy hospital, in crowded conditions, and I’m sure some discomfort.

I could related a lot, though not being able to speak the language of Kerala in a regular way made it very tough too.

I say this to encourage you to never give up.  We all have our own challenges, and many of us have even been diagnosed as “incurable”.  But I’ve also heard of a lot incurable, even fatally diagnosed people get better.

Moral of the story:  Never stop looking and never give up. Good for you if you’ve headed off many health issues at the past with an amazing gift like coconut oil.

And if you’ve overcome your own health issues, please share. Sometimes we all need encouragement.

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