Get hooked with this awesome dish. An easy to prepare gluten and grain free zucchini fritters with a twist!  If you’re low on coconut flour, take advantage of our 3lb price for a 1lb price sale before we run low (below)! #SpringCooking

Zucchini Fritters (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free)

2 medium zucchini or 1 1/2 large zucchini
2 green onions sliced thinly
¼ cup organic coconut flour
¼ cup  grated Parmigiana reggiano cheese
2 organic eggs
Himalayan pink salt and fresh ground Talisherry pepper to taste
1 tsp. organic lemon juice
2 tbsp. organic unrefined coconut oil

1. Grate zucchini with grater with medium holes to get some nice sized shreds of zucchini.
2. Add your salt and place the shredded zucchini in a clean dish towel, squeezing out liquid.
3. Once squeezed, place zucchini back in bowl and add the beaten eggs, thinly sliced green onions, coconut flour, parmigiana reggiano, and fresh ground black pepper and mix thoroughly.
4. Add the fresh lemon juice.
5. Heat two tbsp of coconut oil over medium heat.
6. Once oil is starting to bubble add spoonful of the zucchini mixture in and fry until it is golden brown on each side.
7. Place your fritters on a platter lined with towels to soak up any oil that sticks and serve with sour cream and extra green onions on the side, or even organic applesauce!
8. Enjoy!

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