So, what is coconut country living? To answer this we must first ask: what is Coconut Country? Coconut country is foremost, a place. To be sure the DiSalvo family, founders of Coconut Country Living, has strong ties to Kerala, the coconut capital of the world. But Coconut Country for us is on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, just off the tip of southeast India. We source our products from Sri Lanka because that is where we found the freshest, tastiest coconut we could find anywhere in the world.

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Does location really make a difference? Absolutely.  With the natural food world being rocked by the revelation that some organic companies were allowing some unseemly ingredients into their products, there is no better time than now to find just the right spot for freshness and purity at the heart of a healthy diet.

Hi. My name is Michael DiSalvo and I decided to start our family business in 2014 to help consumers lead a more normal, healthy life after struggling with my own health issues for many years.  I found there were too many companies calling themselves “natural” and “organic” but who weren’t putting the consumer first.  After all, who wants to support a company that sneaks genetically modified ingredients into their foods, or even actively fights against campaigns like the Yes on 92 one that was actually trying to give consumers a chance to know whether there carcinogens in their foods?

So, we decided to return to a way of living long present in the countries of Sri Lanka and the State of Kerala, a simple way in which healthy citizens lived for a long time because they did not tamper with a diet that made them so strong a resilient as they worked a land that was willing to give an abundant harvest.  This was coconut country living, a way of life sustainable, simple, healthy, and exhilarating. Why should we live painful, sick lives, when we could live the way God intended from produce that was 100% low-carb, gluten-free, low-glycemic, hypoallergenic, organic, and so tasty?

As you tour the rest of this site, we hope you can experience some of the joy of natural living and join us on this journey.  Welcome to Coconut Country.  Let’s heal the world through tasty superfoods.