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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Coconut Country Living LLC, we value accessibility, diversity, and inclusion as important values that affect how we serve every day. Whether you use a screen reader, voice recognition software or other kind of assistive technology, we want to be accessible to you and easy to navigate.

Accomplishing accessibility goals

We value web accessibility and are working to meet all the marks to serve all of our customers and users. Our team is dedicated to meeting all the laws and guidelines to create a useable experience for all customers. We are continuously educating ourselves about recent updates and all we can do to serve those who are who deal with challenges to access online media and websites and listen closely to their needs.

How our site is changing

Here are some of the things we’re doing to make our site easier to use for everyone:

Improving site structure

We’re working to edit the pages of to include appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs and any other formatting for better usability with a wide variety of assistive technology.

Adding the text equivalents

We’re adding alternative text, captions and transcripts to images and videos so those users who can’t see or hear have a text equivalent to interact with.

Modifying for full keyboard access

We are developing our new pages with keyboard accessibility in mind so users can easily tab through pages to find content they need so they get the service and information they deserve.

Creating a consistent site

We are creating templates for this site to ensure consistency across pages. Once you’re familiar with how pages and menus work, you can expect similar functionality across the whole site, every time you visit.

If you cannot access any information or an item on our website, please call 1-513-939-9033 1-800-895-0220 for assistance so we can help you as soon as possible or

Updated: 12/13/2019


CCL is all about healing the world through tasty superfoods. Nature has done it for 1000s of years safely. Why change now?


Your family is important as ours, and we need as many healthy happy people out there as possible to change the world. We help farmers to earn a living wage while giving back in ways to help preserve our food system, water, and air.


Though we might be disappointed for what passes as “organic” at times, we do our best to also bring you low carb, gluten-free, keto- and paleo-friendly products that go beyond official “organic” standards.


1918 Glady Rd Fayetteville
Ohio 45118

1(800) 895-0220

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