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? Don’t make This SICKENING MISTAKE with Your Greens ?


The ORANGE MAN Has a Special Warning Even if You’ve GONE GREEN

Waxing eloquent, Former Presidential Candidate Ben Carson, often speaks about how he literally pulled himself out of poverty and crime by reading. Going from an F student to the world’s most famous brain surgeon, it’s hard to argue that knowledge can even give you the power to produce little “miracles”, even when it comes to the nuances of juicing and smoothies.

But when I first think of the wonderful world of greens, I think back to the 4th grade when I went to the laminated cardboard box at the side shelves and pulled out a particular terrifying real-life story about a juicer named Joe.

You see, in this real-life story, Joe wasn’t just sick, he became very, very different.

Sure, he was bent over, with violent pains in his stomach. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep. But when doctors in the emergency room finally looked at Joe, they saw something else:  


Not just a little orange, but basically orange as an orange. And honestly, the docs had never seen anything like this before. Searching medical journals, asking various colleagues and experts, they were truly baffled.  

Until they asked Joe about his diet.

He was juicing….wait for it:

Tomatoes and carrots.  

Yes, that beta carotene  (yellow) in carrots and that ethylene (red) in tomatoes made that man, frighteningly, wonderfully orange.

Of course, his frightening ordeal capped by the spectacle he caused at the emergency room did eventually come to a happy ending.  He learned his new juice diet wasn’t the best idea, and he slowly returned to normal.

But Joe’s important lesson reminded me recently of a serious mistake many people are making when they juice TODAY:


Leafy greens like spinach, kale, swiss chards beet greens, and parsley but also many nuts and grains, and even cocoa, have oxalates: toxic antinutrients that cause all sorts of health problems.

Consider: Just 1 cup of spinach exceeds 6x the amount of oxalates that experts suggest you should be having.

The result for many of us?

Either the aggravation or causing of all sorts of problems, from Crohn’s disease, IBD, leaky gut, poor fat digestion, celiac disease, inflammation, prolonged diarrhea.  

Conditions ranging from autism to vulvodynia to COPD to asthma, and especially kidney stones can all be linked to an excess of this hidden compound in our diet.

These excesses have even sent some to the emergency room with problems like kidney failure.

But at the same time, you’ve gotta have your greens.

And the good news is that if you are suffering from any of these symptoms and haven’t quite found a way out, the problem isn’t just fixable, there’s actually a green out there that not only can replace these hard-to-escape oxalates, but also helps bind those oxalates so they can find their way safely out of the body.

The miraculous ingredient?


? 25x the iron than spinach

? 4 x the protein than eggs (all the amino acids!)

?4 x the chlorophyll on wheatgrass

? 10x the vitamin A than carrots

? 15x the potassium than bananas

? 17x the calcium than milk

And the highest antioxidant value ever recorded for food (50% more than the previous record of acai berry!)

Called the “miracle tree” or the “never die” tree, moringa has brought some people literally back to life while giving others the vitality and energy to lead incredible lives.

And if you haven’t tried mixing up a little Moringa in your diet, you don’t know what you are missing.  

Free Moringa Hacks Ebook with Any Purchase of CCL's Organic Moringa Leaf Powder
Free Moringa Hacks Ebook with Any Purchase of CCL’s Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

As someone who was fortunate enough to go to Asia and be introduced to the little ancient leaves myself, I’d love to give you the chance to have your own copy of THE MORINGA MIRACLE: How to Make Magical Meals with Moringa the “Never Die” Superfood, FREE, with any purchase of CCL’s Organic Moringa Powder.

With so many giving us positive feedback about our coconut oil and turmeric, we knew it was also important to bring this all-important resource to our customers and friends: a safe, nutrient-dense green that could be a source of energy and healing to those who needed a little more.

And as always, we’ve processed it in an allergy-free facility, with no nuts, GMOs, soy, or the like, 100% pure with USDA Organic Certification, just like our other products.


At CCL, we know it’s a lot of work to put together a 5-star product, but we wanted you to get you the absolute best moringa in the world so you could enjoy all of its benefits. But the simple truth (of bad news, as some would say) is that moringa, with its tiny little nutrition-packed leaves, is super expensive. It takes a lot of work to pluck these precious little gems off the moringa tree and get it to you in so fresh and pure and clean a form. This is why moringa, as extreme as its goodness is can also be extreme in its pricing.

But the good news is that we’ve christened 2019 as the year of moringa, and if you’re fast, you can get ridiculously low intro pricing your e-book of moringa hacks bonus, so you can have all the benefits of moringa at your fingertips.

After ordering, we’ll include some amazing recipes so moringa becomes one of your favorite foods, whether you are looking for more healthy smoothies, juices, snacks, drinks, or even meals.

Looking back at my own health challenges, I really wonder what would have happened if I had found moringa and a good chiropractor sooner rather than going through so many years of pain and inflammation and hormonal freefall.

And seeing so many loved ones of mine pass on and miss their chance in this world to use this “never die” superfood really breaks my heart.

But I don’t want that mistake to be for you. I want you to lead a long, healthy, happy life.

So don’t miss out on the secrets of Moringa to help you, your family, and your friends optimize their wellness and know the prosperity that comes from moringa.

Take Advantage of CCL’s Organic Moringa Powder Special on Amazon

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