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Ozempic Side Effects vs. Cinnamon: Analyzing the Research, Dangers, and Case Studies Surrounding Semaglutide and the Kitchen Spice Cinnamon.

Ozempic (Semiglutide) Side Effects vs. Cinnamon Side Effects

What is being hidden from diabetics and those seeking to lose weight?

Many in the public and in the alternative media have recently voiced concern about side effects of semiglutide, which goes by the brand name Ozempic. At the same time, many have also voiced concern about the kitchen spice cinnamon, and possible side effects that you may have heard about in the medical literature.

Today we are going to examine the scientific facts so people can make educated decisions about these products. Though cinnamon has been around for thousands of years, you’ve probably heard more about the drug Ozempic lately.

Ozempic Side Effects on 60 Minutes Australia

When 60 Minutes aired an episode In February of 2024 “Ozempic Risk: Could Weight Loss Injections Be Fatal?”, they said this: “Originally developed to help in the treatment of diabetes, the product’s popularity exploded when it was discovered that a side effect for users was dramatic weight loss. From that point, perhaps not surprisingly, anyone, diabetic or not, looking to quickly drop a few pounds or more joined the race to get hold of Ozempic. And when Hollywood’s most glamorous started showing off their slimmed selves, the drug gained even more buzz. But now, as Dimy Clancy reports, experts are warning there could be another side effect from this often unsupervised use of semiglutiede: death.”

The episode goes on to document how Australia Trish Webster was able to loose 16 kilos or 35 pounds in 5 months while taking Ozempic and the weight loss drug Saxenda. She was constantly going back to the doctor after feeling sick with diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. With a goal to fit in a special dress for her daughter’s wedding, she continued to take the drugs. She ended up dying this January of an acute gastrointestinal illness.

Calley Means Exposes Side Effects of Ozempic on American Population

Mr. Calley Means, who was previously a consultant for Pharma, highlighted the bad side effects associated with Ozempic in a blockbuster interview of independent journalist Tucker Carlson.

“Medically, it’s a disaster. So, all you need to know is that Novo Nordisk, the company that makes this drug, recently passed LVMH to become the most valuable company in Europe. So, this drug, this company, the most valuable company in Europe, they don’t allow this drug for obesity in Europe. Almost all of Novo Nordisk’s revenue is coming from taking advantage of Americans. This is not the first line of defense for obesity in any European country. It’s not approved by the government regulators. They are saying on their stock calls that all of their growth is coming from the US. They’re taking advantage of a broken US system. In the United States, even people who are getting government funding, insurance funding for this drug, don’t have to pay for it.”

Ozempic Users Not Taking Side Effects Well

“Thirty percent of them go off the drug within three months. Even though they’re fully being paid for, and we’re being told this is a lifetime drug, there are lawsuits coming, just reported in the past couple of days, on gastrointestinal issues and stomach paralysis. The drug itself essentially is stomach paralysis. What is stomach paralysis? The drug essentially paralyzes your stomach to make you not be able to process food correctly. And there are studies now saying that stomach paralysis, really messing with your ability to digest food, actually stays after you go off the drug. So there are lawsuits now with people with severe gastrointestinal issues after coming off the drug. Additionally, because of that, you’re consistently seeing patients who go off the drug gain the weight back. That’s almost universally accepted, even by Novo Nordisk.”

Ozempic side effects v cinnamon side effects
Now that the media is covering the issues with Ozempic, people are comparing Ozempic side effects to cinnamon’s

Understanding the Options: Ozempic vs. Ceylon Cinnamon

Though Ozempic has gained attention for its role in managing type 2 diabetes and obesity, like any medication, it comes with a list of potential side effects ranging from mild to severe. These can include gastrointestinal issues, thyroid tumors, and pancreatitis, among others. While effective for some, the decision to opt for pharmaceutical interventions like Ozempic should be carefully weighed against potential risks.

On the other hand, let’s consider Ceylon cinnamon, a spice celebrated for centuries not only for its flavor but also for its health benefits.

Ceylon Cinnamon Safety Facts

Unlike its counterpart, Cassia cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon contains low levels of coumarin, a compound that can be harmful to the liver in large doses. This makes Ceylon cinnamon a safer choice than any other cinnamon for regular consumption.

Finding Common Ground: Health Benefits

Interestingly, both Ozempic and Ceylon cinnamon share some overlapping health benefits, making the comparison even more intriguing. Both have been linked to improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity, making them valuable allies for individuals managing diabetes or seeking weight management support.

Ceylon cinnamon sticks
Ceylon cinnamon sticks have a unique appearance and are associated with many health benefits

The Sweet Spice of Daily Life: Why Ceylon Cinnamon Wins

While Ozempic offers medical support, Ceylon cinnamon presents an enticing alternative that seamlessly integrates into daily routines. Picture adding a dash of cinnamon to your morning coffee or sprinkling it over your oatmeal. Not only does it provide a subtle sweetness and depth of flavor, but it also brings along a host of health benefits.

Moreover, Ceylon cinnamon embodies a rich culinary tradition, adding depth and character to dishes across cultures. Its versatility allows it to be incorporated into various recipes, from savory to sweet, offering a delightful culinary journey with each sprinkle.

Embracing the Power of Ceylon Cinnamon

In the quest for optimal health, the choice between pharmaceutical interventions and natural remedies can be daunting. While Ozempic serves a specific purpose for some individuals, Ceylon cinnamon emerges as a compelling alternative, offering similar health benefits with minimal side effects. At Coconut Country Living, LLC, we champion the healing properties of nature’s bounty, and Ceylon cinnamon stands as a shining example of this ethos. By incorporating this flavorful spice into your daily food and beverage routines, you not only elevate your culinary experiences but also nourish your body with wholesome goodness.

Ceylon cinnamon powder for health benefits
While cassia cinnamon can be toxic in high doses, Ceylon cinnamon powder is associated with many health benefits

Making the Journey Easier with Supreme Taste While Healing the World

We at CCL have made it our passion to bring you the freshest coconut products and the most pure spices, which is why when we heard of people being harmed by the effects of cassia cinnamon, we wanted to up the ante not only making sure we had organic true cinnamon but also had it fair trade sourced.

Most importantly, with it being difficult to tell ground cassia cinnamon from ground Ceylon cinnamon, we wanted to make sure our cinnamon was verified so you could make sure you were getting the real deal with ultra low coumarin. Not only are our fair trade sourced Ceylon cinnamon sticks sent directly from Ceylon (where other cinnamons are banned) to a certified chef of the legendary Culinary Institute of America, she also grinds those same verified sticks to make sure they are exactly the same as our cinnamon powder.

But getting you the freshest, finest cinnamon is only half the battle. We also want you to take advantage of all benefits  of cinnamon, whether they be health, beauty, or even home, to make the most of this magical spice. This is why we are including the guide “The History of Ceylon Cinnamon and Its Life Changing Benefits” by best-selling author Michael DiSalvo when you order any size true cinnamon today, so you can get results like this…

free ceylon cinnamon hack book
You can get Ceylon cinnamon and its life changing benefits free with any purchase

Real Users Speak About their Use of Ceylon Cinnamon

From Deborah M. Phillips

Best Cinnamon Ever!! I love this cinnamon very much and highly recommend it to everyone. It’s pure, fine, delicious and really works to keep my blood sugars level! It has a slight peppery, woodsy flavor, deep cinnamon smell, too, if that makes any sense, but it’s fabulous!! So far, I’ve sprinkled it on several dishes from hot oatmeal to cheerios and mixed it in my pancake batter for breakfast just this morning! I think the price is great and it comes in a foil pouch that you can ziplock shut so it stays fresh as long as you zip it tight!!! If you’re looking for a real true cinnamon, then this is the one! Enjoy!!!

From Texas Tink

These are by far the best Organic Ceylon Cinnamon sticks I have found online! I use these in my coffee (cinnamon vanilla) to help my type 2 diabetes to stay reversed. They have a very nice flavor & strong enough to only need a half stick in a large mug of coffee. They are thicker than any I’ve ordered before & might be possible to cut in half without them falling apart. Wish they came in a 2″, hint hint!

From Ali

I bought this cinnamon for 3 reasons. One for hair growth, 2 for vitamins and inflammatory issues, and 3 for wound care. I’ve use it for all 3 so far. Mind you this is not your grocery store variety. That one has cassia which could be harmful to your liver. I must say I haven’t felt that achy back when I rise from the couch in the last two days. I sensed a tingling in my scalp when used as a hair mask so obviously something good was going on there. And lastly the moment I saw a breakout forming on my lip I used the same mixture as for hair mask. Immediately felt tingling and in less than a day it was already scabbing. So….

From CoolIV.

I use cinnamon sticks in a tea recipe I make which consists of cinnamon, fresh ginger and turmeric. I originally started out using what I could find in the supermarket, but once I discovered what it meant to get Ceylon cinnamon, I didn’t look back. You know the difference when you open the package the first time. The one thing is I needed to be able to get it quickly and this is where Coconut Country Living really shines. The package is resealable so I can easily store the unused sticks without worrying about them losing anything in the way of freshness. I highly recommend this.

More Users Send Their Reviews

From Art

Well Ceylon is is number one true grade cinnamon in the world. I take one stick add a few licorice sticks put in stainless pot put on very low heat so it doesn’t boil about 40 min,  Then let cool till body temperature, and enjoy the best tea for heart and digestion.

From a recent customer…

Aromatic and good quality. It came in a well-sealed foil bag. I use it daily in my cup of tea. The only recipe book included excellent options for my gluten free diet. I cannot wait to make the cinnamon and clove muffins recipe. Next buy: cinnamon powder from Coconut Country Living.

Another customer…

I have a habit of keeping a cinnamon stick in my mouth when working, and over the years I’ve migrated from cassia to Ceylon sticks. Ceylon cinnamon is less harsh, has a thinner and softer bar, a deeper flavor and much less coumarin. This batch is particularly lovely. The quills are very dense and fresh, and the sweetness you expect from Ceylon cinnamon is there, as is the flavor. I can’t recommend these enough.

From Nancy

I like that it is so flavorful and truly does have some anti-inflammatory properties which is why I use it. Thank you for allowing me to share in your harvest the way God intended it to be. God bless.

benefits of ceylon cinnamon powder
Many are still sticking with tried and true Ceylon cinnamon for their health and weight loss goals

Ozempic Side Effects or Cinnamon Benefits:  Your Choice!

In the end, whether you’re managing diabetes, seeking weight management support, or simply embracing a healthier lifestyle, consider the sweet and spicy allure of Ceylon cinnamon—a culinary treasure that promises both pleasure and wellness in every sprinkle. Try some today, by taking advantage of our special at or Let us know about what cinnamon is doing for you in your life. Also please like, subscribe for more content like the side effects of Ozempic versus cinnamon and we will see you in Coconut Country!

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