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Use these Common Kitchen Spices to Burn Belly Fat & Lose Unwanted Weight in Record Time!

This Turmeric Tea Mix is Your Own Stop Shop to Blast Belly Fat, Shed Pounds, and FEEL GREAT!

Have you ever tried to lose a bit of weight, but can’t seem to move the needle more than one or two pounds, no matter how hard you try?

Well, don’t give up!

Losing that weight is extremely important, even if you are as little as 10 pounds overweight, because the body’s systems laboring so hard to deal with the unwanted flab causes many problems, especially with the heart.

But Ayurvedic medicine can come to the rescue, once again.  This amazing recipe reminds me of the time that I encountered a couple that flew all the way from South America to South India just to check into an Ayurvedic hospital and lose some major pounds with these treasured secrets.

But rather than flying to India, one easy way to deal with the problem, no matter how much of a belly you may have, is to use this flab flattening DYI turmeric tea mix day and night for some impressive results.

It has a few, you might say, “magical” ingredients that blend taste with thermogenic and ketogenic benefits that give it its fat-burning power.

In short, if you want to make turmeric tea for your belly fat, using turmeric powder is only the start.

A lot of DYI turmeric tea mix recipes leave out some really important ingredients like ginger powder and (raw, healthy) honey, which actually help to release all the great advantages of having turmeric tea. Without these, the Ceylon cinnamon, and two other important ingredients, it’s basically crazy to think you can get a flat belly in 5 days.

But adding in these two secret spice helpers of coconut oil and black pepper, you not only add some wonderful taste, you release even MORE power of these natural remedies to help you get that flat belly in a week (sure, if you’ve put on a lot of weight, it will take longer, but at least you will see some quick results to keep you motivated to lose the rest).

You might equate this with a golden milk recipe for weight loss, but it’s actually a little different.

The reason these simple spices and coconut oil work so well is that they are THERMOGENIC. They actually “heat up” the body. In addition, the honey mobilizes the fat cells, increasing your metabolism, while the spices improve digestion, so you are getting rid of a whole lot of junk in your body.

As you lose belly fat each day, even without exercise, you are also bringing your body back to normal.

Our best advice is to experiment a little bit with the amount of pepper you can tolerate since this turmeric tea recipe doesn’t require A LOT of it to activate the turmeric. Remember, you also have the help of that magnificent oil from the coconut to make your turmeric LIPOSOMAL.

If you’re looking for other ways to use natural home remedies to burn belly fat and lose a few extra pounds, follow us on youtube. Please also share it with your friends. Too many of us have lost ones dear to us because of diseases that are closely linked to dangerous belly fat.

If you are able to get your flat belly in 5 days, 10 days, or even just lose some significant weight in a week, please let us know, so we can share your story. Also, consult your trusted doctor if you have any doubts about these ingredients or to see if this natural remedy is the best one to burn that belly fat as quickly as possible.

Do you have your own DYI turmeric tea mix recipe for weight loss? If you’ve found another herbal tea you that has helped you get similar results or if you know other natural ways for how to burn belly flab fast in just 5 days, please share below.

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And we’ll see you next time in Coconut Country! MD

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