5 Big Reasons You need to Start Using Cinnamon Sticks Today

how to use cinnamon sticks for house home and health

Check out these uses of your cinnamon sticks for house, home, and health

There is no doubt that cinnamon, especially Ceylon Cinnamon, can be sweet-smelling and tasting.  But even Ceylon or “true cinnamon” spice should not just be something that simply adds flavor to any gourmet dish. It should also brings along a host of health virtues its aficionados can enjoy in their kitchens and homes.  But the problem with cinnamon, or any other spice, in getting those virtues is the fact that once processed, powdered, or ground, this life of virtue is short-lived. This is a big reason why cinnamon lovers appreciate minimally processed organic cinnamon sticks or quills to get maximum flavor, aroma, and potency that tends to last as long as the sticks remain whole.

So why are cinnamon sticks gaining a reputation in the world of health and gastronomy as “little magic wands”?

First it must be stated that a whole lot of people use cinnamon powder in their food in order to obtain the best of the spice’s benefits. And why not? It’s handy, the best powder is easily available online in a variety of convenient packs. However, one thing that they are missing on is the world of difference between the cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks in their taste, uses, and general freshness.  

In other words, the buying, storing, and using of cinnamon sticks is just about as easy as doing the same with its powdered form. But the magic of the wonderful creations of alchemy and delight you can produce with these little wands is something that would make Gandalf or Harry Potter blush.

picture of cinnamon tree to make cinnamon sticks

A cinnamon tree, used to make cinnamon sticks

What are Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks?

Ceylon Cinnamon sticks come from the bark of the tree with the same name. The little pieces of this bark, which these sticks are made of, are also called quills, and can be added to food and other concoctions to enjoy the best of its virtues.

These can be added to tea, coffee, curries, cold beverages, soups, stews, desserts, rice, mulled wines, breads, cakes, or even converted to extracts that can be further used to give the same effects as the sticks.

one can use Ceylon cinnamon sticks for more refined dishes

Ceylon cinnamon sticks for gourmet purposes

Why the Ceylon Variety?

It is true cassia sticks and other varieties of cinnamon have legitimate uses, but for best of gourmet flavors and health, there is one clear winner. Why Ceylon or “true” cinnamon? One, because it is mild and can be used in combination with other spices to create multi-layered flavors. Two, you can grind it on your own with little effort, and three because you can get the maximum amount of those powerful and healing volatile oils as compared to the small amount present in a variety like cassia.

So, if they really are that better for the most refined uses, how do you get a hold of your Ceylon cinnamon sticks?

Isn’t it as easy as visiting the neighborhood market?

There are two problems:

  1. Local stores tend to carry powder rather than sticks.  This wouldn’t be that much of a problem though
  2. The powder they carry isn’t even  Ceylon cinnamon.

So, unless you need just a bit of cinnamon flavor for a dish or some sticks for a craft, you will want to check out these 5 big reasons you need to start using Ceylon cinnamon sticks today!


how to get strength and good health from cinnamon

You can get stronger and lose weight by                                 using cinnamon

  1.  Adding it to Your Food Saves You from a Number of Health Conditions

Though much has been said about cinnamon and blood sugar, one must not forget that the brilliant nutritional element manganese, which is deficient in about 70% of the population in the USA. Though current legal jargon doesn’t allow the word “heal”, it is self evident what will happen if indeed you finally get the manganese your body needs. For starters, manganese, per se, plays a very vital role in the production of HDL or the good cholesterol in the body as well as in maintaining the health of the brain. It also regulates the generation of carbs and proteins. Not only that, it also helps regulate the amounts of calcium and phosphorus. With cinnamon, you get the important dose of manganese that you are deficient in. Since it helps absorb other vital nutrients better, helps your digestion, assists in battling antigens, and facilitates energy production by your body, odds are you are going to be feeling cinnamony great!

Cinnamon is a treasure chest replete with so many virtues for health as you may have never imagined. It can boost your low energy levels since it is great at controlling blood sugar levels. So, if your have extremely high or excessively low blood sugar, Ceylon cinnamon can help you.

Did you know that an improperly functioning liver can, or a sugar rich diet can be the cause behind sugar dysfunction in the body? It can actually hamper the storage and release of sugar in the blood. So, excess or fall of sugar  in the blood can actually cause conditions like dizziness, headaches, fatigue, depression, violent outbursts, feeling muddled up, etc. The fact is that all this has to do with the level of energy produced by your body, Since cinnamon can regulate it, it can do wonders for you.

And so, here is a long list of foods that you can enjoy cinnamon in:

  • Cinnamon muffins and tarts
  • Lime and cinnamon hydrating water
  • Syrup that you can add to salad dressings, desserts, pancakes and more
  • Add it to rice to make it more delicious, healthy and aromatic than ever
  • Apple and cinnamon chips
  • On all sorts of veggies, especially squash
  • In Brussels sprout and other casseroles
  • White and red meat, including chicken

and a lot more.

suffering from bad breath can be a thing of the past with cinnamon

Never have to deal with horse  breath again 🙊

           2. It’s Terrific at Disinfecting Your Mouth

You’d be happy to know that cinnamon can protect your mouth from all the bacterial attack that food puts you through. Since it is great natural disinfectant, a bit of it after meals (be it in the form of refreshing cinnamon water) will not only leave your breath feeling fresh but also disinfect your teeth, gums and the entire mouth.

You can even chew a piece of cinnamon stick. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your gums free from infection and inflammation. It is a great workout for your jaw muscles too.

You can also use cinnamon extract in coconut oil and turmeric paste to make it taste better and reap its anti-inflammatory properties to keep your teeth in top-notch condition.


Ceylon cinnamon sticks for cinnamon extract on Athlet's foot

Use Ceylon cinnamon sticks to create a disinfectant anti-fungal if you have                                            problems with your feet and toes

          3.  It can Help with Toenail Fungus Too

Toenail fungus and Athlete’s Foot can be a problem of the past if you have some good quality Ceylon cinnamon sticks at your disposal.

The biggest cause of the former condition is infection cause due to a fungus called Candida. Nevertheless, there can be some other factors like yeast infections, dermatophyte fungi, and even injury to the nails that can foster infection in toenails. Cinnamon tree oil and, alternatively, a simple concoction made from Ceylon cinnamon sticks can help with toenail fungus as well as Athlete’s foot.

Here is how you can prepare it:

Simply take half a 32 oz of water and boil 5 cinnamon sticks in it. Let it simmer for 5 minutes and then allow it to steep for 45 minutes. Soak your feet in it for 30 minutes every day. There will be remarkable improvement in both the conditions.

use cinnamon essence for a healthy refreshing clean

Choose cinnamon over aerosols & protect the environment                                                              and your family

 4.  It can also Make Your Home Cleaner & Fresher Directly or                  Through Crafts (see below)

Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, odor is one trouble that you are likely to face , especially if these spaces are not well-ventilated. All you have to do is take some cinnamon sticks, bundle them up, or simply keep them in the nooks that are mustiest, and you can make every corner of theses rooms smelling nice and fresh. You can even make sprays with cinnamon essence if you prefer that, but sticks are more effective and the easiest way to keep your house smelling fresh. You can also ribbon up a bundle and add it to your potpourri for aromatic and aesthetic effect, quite special at Christmas time.

cinnamon extract uses for home and health

You can make cinnamon syrup for delicious dishes that will really wow

          5. Cinnamon Syrup

It’s hard to think of something that says more homemade yum 😋 than making your own cinnamon syrup.  While tapping your own maple syrup might seem a close second, this wonderful creation from cinnamon essence is much easier to pull off. And pies, desserts, ice-creams, hot beverages, and cocktails? Don’t get me started.  And there’s no need to worry about swooning because of low blood sugar at breakfast.  No, but you certainly may see them get light-headed when you tell them your healthy gluten-free pancakes, waffles, or French toast are coming equipped with cinnamon syrup!  Yes, on such an occasion, you may just think about getting rid of those hard tiles and switching to linoleum.  Don’t worry though, when they pick themselves up and regain their composure, they will be hungrier than ever!

Have some new ideas for your cinnamon sticks?

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favorite ceylon and cassia cinnamon stick ideas

Favorite cinnamon sticks and crafts to make cinnamon extract

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