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The Secret Of How to Do a Great Coconut Oil Pull

coconut oil pull before afterThe Secret Of How to Do a Great Coconut Oil Pull & Its Amazing Benefits

Have you noticed that more and more people are trying to steer clear of medications created in a lab, and are now moving back to holistic healing methods that have been effective for centuries? The truth is that ayurvedic or “holistic” medicine has been popular in many different parts of the world, and oil pulling with its amazing benefits is a prime example.

The trend in general is not a big surprise. After all, isn’t it better to work on the “whole” person, rather than just dealing with symptoms and never addressing the underlying cause?  This was never more true when you think about a person’s teeth and dental hygiene in general.  As we’ll see, the teeth and gums are inextricably linked to the health of the body, much as meridians in acupuncture, vertebrae in chiropractic, or pressure points (especially in the feet) in massage.

With the mouth being the portal to the entire body through the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, and digestive system, it is no wonder that if you focus on bacteria removal and the healing of the oral cavity, the entire body can benefit from the detox.

Coconut Oil Pulling can be done as young as 5 years old

This is why coconut oil pulling is the way to go.  All you need to do is swish the coconut oil around in your mouth for a period of around 10 to 20 minutes and then spit it out. 

Think of the procedure as your mouth being the equivalent of a dishwasher, with the oil acting as the soap that clears all the dirt and grime off your dishes. With a clean space, dental liquid is then free to flow and keep things clean and bacteria free.

This dental hack has been around forever in India, and is used by them to deal with all the following:

  • Tooth decay
  • Halitosis
  • Bleeding gums
  • Heart disease
  • Gum inflammation
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cavity prevention
  • Cracked and chapped lips
  • Dry throat
  • Acne
  • Jaw and gum strengthening
  • Immune system boosting
happy kid
Cultures that have used oil pulling have remarkably healthy teeth.

A Brief History of Coconut Oil Pulling

While most of us brush our teeth at least twice a day, whilst also trying to remember to floss, this is something that has only recently been added to the world’s daily routine. After all, the humble toothbrush that we take for granted today was only introduced to the US in the 1930’s.

This would lead you to assume that people in ancient history were probably plagued by tooth decay and gum disease, but evidence shows that this was not the case for many civilizations, even when they had access to sweets for some time or at least high sugar fruits for some time. 

Archeological evidence out of ancient Egypt shows that people in  that civilization tended to live long lives, and died with their teeth intact.  While it is true these people lived in the days before sugary, processed foods were a staple at the local market, they also chewed sticks to strengthen and clean their teeth naturally, as well as cleaning their tongue. Many of these civilizations oil pulled, too, which made all the difference.

Information on Oil Pulling Research

It’s fair to say that oil pulling is not quite a household name just yet. The treatment has, for the most part, only been fully adopted by those committed to living a heathy lifestyle. But just do a search at the National Library of Medicine, though, and you’ll notice the thousands of papers on coconut oil pulling have just occurred in the past 10 years.

The positive results are why many in the science community are starting to get on board now that they are now becoming aware of the health benefits. These reports can also help the general populace make an informed decision, which is always good.

One of the most insightful pieces published so far was in “The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine,” where it was concluded that oil pulling is perhaps the most effective natural preventative measure for tooth decay. The researchers found that oil pulling helped with more than 30 systemic diseases, and that it could also be used for healing as well as for prevention.

One of the other techniques those who believe in Ayurveda hold dear is oil gargling, and that is because of the belief that sections of the tongue are connected to all the major organs in the human body. If that is indeed the case, then it becomes much easier to understand why oil pulling can be effective in the treatment and prevention of so many major healthy issues. 

India is one of the countries where oil pulling is as common among the populace as brushing your teeth and flossing is here. The Department of Pediatric Dentistry in Tamil Nadu, India, has performed research on the technique, and have found it to be an effective part of any oral health regimen. They found that it was especially effective in treating children with plaque-induced gingivitis, and discovered that it could be as effective as mouthwash for those who have issues with bad breath (i.e. halitosis). This is because oil pulling, in fact, kills off many of the microorganisms that cause halitosis (please note oil pulling is not generally recommended for children under 5 because of danger of aspiration).

The Case for Coconut Oil

It is worth noting at this point that the research done in India was performed using sesame oil, which is no real surprise given how popular and inexpensive it is in that part of the world. This article is about coconut oil, though, and there are very definite reasons why it (even more than sesame oil) should be considered the choice, par excellence, when thinking about your dental health.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the ideal substance for oil pulling

Coconut Oil has been found to be effective in all the following:

  • Candida killer
  • Hormone balancing
  • Improved digestion
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Signs of aging, such as age spots and wrinkles
  • Energy boosting
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Alzheimer’s fighting
  • Increasing HDL and LDL (good) cholesterol
  • Fat burning

Coconut oil is easier to absorb, making oil pulling even more effective than if one used sesame oil.

how to do a coconut oil pull
How to do coconut oil pulling

The Secret to a Great Oil Pulling

You may discover your own routine when you start coconut oil pulling, but the below simply works.

  1. Consider using organic extra virgin coconut oil. It has a great taste and doesn’t suffer from toxins like neonicotinoids that have been used in coconuts in the past.
  2. Oil pull as soon as you get out of bed, and before you brush, floss, eat, or drink (up to 3x a day).
  3. Use 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, swishing for about 10-20 minutes. DO NOT swallow any of the oil during this step (you can freeze in silicone molds & naturally flavor your coconut oil with keto sweeteners or flavors like vanilla, mint, or cinnamon) for premade portions and to keep things fun for children.
  4. When you are done, spit the oil into a lined trash can. Avoid the sink, as it can become clogged by the oil over an extended period (especially if it is cool inside your home).
  5. Rinse you mouth out with warm salt water (optional).
  6. Brush and floss as normal.

This is not something that necessarily has to be done every day, but many actually do it 3x a day.

The Takeaway

Coconut oil pulling will improve your oral health if you stick with it. But realistically, stick with it for a few months and it will do much more. Ten to twenty minutes might seem like a long time to swish, but it’s easier to keep to this regimen if you make it part of your bathroom or shower routine.  Taking some time and effort to make smart health decisions can make you feel great for a long time. Or at least feel much better than you do today.

So think about doing it as you shower and get ready for work or even as you meditate and pray. Time passes quicker that way, and WOW will your dentist be impressed in your next dental exam! Then just sit back and relax as he puts his tools away. Now is when you tell him about all the benefits of oil puling and how he himself can have teeth white and clean as yours. ?

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