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The Top 10 Amazing Health Hacks and Benefits of CLOVES

What exactly are the top benefits of taking cloves?

real whole and ground cloves

Big Pharma. Seems you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

Or can you?

With the recent ruling that Monsanto IS really causing cancer with its poisonous herbicide “Roundup” and Southwest Florida still reeling from its latest ecological disaster caused by Big Chemical and Big Ag through the sugar industry, isn’t it time to ask, “Is there a better way?”.

The truth is that Ayurveda (Ayurvedic medicine) as produced a robust and vigorous people for thousands of years.  And it’s done so pretty gently, with certainly NO ecological disasters.

As herbalists, holistic doctors, and Ayurvedic practitioners are well aware and value, cloves has been worth its price in gold in recent times past.  But why did people value cloves benefits so much? Let’s take a look.

Amazing Health Hacks of Cloves

wide variety of benefits with cloves

You can get a wide variety of benefits when you use cloves

Cloves, or syzygium aromaticum, gets its common name from its shape. “Clavus”, in Latin, means nail, and that exactly what these aromatic flower buds look like when they are ready to use for cooking, wellness, and providing a wonderful scent, good for everything from inspiring romance to keeping away dangerous insects.

But before we get into the top 10 benefits of cloves, let’s remember who needs to take care using cloves:

cloves in moderate amounts when pregnant

Pregnant and lactating women should moderate their use of cloves

First of all, pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before any change to their diets or medical care. Clove oil in particular should be kept away from small children, as its eugenol is extremely potent.

Of course you should use cloves with care if used outside of normal food prep or in abnormal or extreme quantities (especially in clove oil) as it can increase blood flow, cause erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues, increase skin sensitivity, loss of sensation, lower blood sugar, cause an allergic reaction or even seizures.

But thankfully, billions of people have used cloves safely and effectively for thousands of years, Cicero was the one who put it best: Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.

cicero on using spices

Cicero’s sage advice on spices: don’t go to extremes.

So, now that we’ve seen who needs to be careful with cloves, let’s see what makes them so special.

The Wonderful History of Cloves

Cloves have been found to be so incredibly valuable for their culinary, home, and medicinal uses so that not only was the now famous Yale University (now possessing over 28 BILLION dollars) able to be funded and established from the clove and nutmeg trade, but New York City itself was essentially handed over in order to get access to those same amazing spices.

manhattan exchanged for clove rights

Not only Yale, but Manhattan are what they are because of the clove trade.

But what makes clove so unique? Their pungent, strong and sweet taste also has a bitter, astringent flavor that provides great warmth from the inside out. It’s hard to find such a warming spice that says “luxury” more than cloves.

Even more than being famous for gourmet, connoisseurs and health lovers should know that its phenolic compound eugenol is not only shared with Ceylon cinnamon but also helps put clove is at the top of the antioxidant food list, with an ORAC value of a whopping 290,283 units.

With these just being the start of cloves unique properties, let’s take a look at what all the vitamins, minerals, and compounds in clove are actually best known for with these top 10 health benefits and uses:

1.Better Digestion

Is there anything worse than extreme nausea or losing your lunch? Cloves can help in a few ways.

First clove is believed to help improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. So if you digest better, it also means you get the nutrients to your body more quickly and more efficiently.

cloves for digestion

Don’t let digestive problems become a public issue

Through this and other actions, scientists have also claimed cloves help with flatulence, indigestion, and stomach aches, which can be not only embarrassing by quite crippling to deal with.

2. Kills Cancer Cells

Cloves are of interest to the medical community because they have been seen to be effective against cancer cells and cell mutations. Tests have shown that patients with lung cancer have had their cancer growth slowed or even stopped while they were using cloves.

kill cancer with cloves

Scientists believe you can kill cancer cells with cloves

In fact, ethyl acetate extract of cloves, and oleanolic acid, one of its components, have been found to be responsible for cloves apparent antitumor activity and cytotoxicity against several human cancer cell lines.

3. Liver Protection

Clove’s antioxidants are ideal for protecting the organs, especially the liver, from the effects of free radicals. Because our metabolism, in the long run, increases free radicals and decreases antioxidants in the liver, clove extracts are thought to be helpful since they are said to counteract these effects with hepatoprotective properties.

4. Diabetes Control

Cloves have been used in many traditional remedies for a number of diseases. One of these is diabetes, since extracts from cloves imitate insulin in certain ways and have been thought to control blood sugar levels.

cloves has been studied to help the skeletal system

Use cloves for strong bones

5. Bone Preservation

When clove extracts contain phenolic compounds like eugenol and its derivatives, such as flavonoids, they have been purported to preserve both bone density and the mineral content of the skeletal system, and even increase strength of bones in the case of osteoporosis.

how to boost your immune system with cloves

Boost your immune system with cloves

6. Boosts Immune System

Clove’s compounds are a remarkable mix of life-giving hope indeed.
Not only have scientists reported them to increase white blood cell count, but they are reported to have antibacterial properties against a number of human pathogens, making them ideal for cold and flu season.

7. Anti-inflammatory Effects

With inflammation being at the very heart of almost all chronic illnesses, it is important that clove possess anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. Studies on clove extracts administered to lab rats suggest that eugenol actually reduced inflammation caused by edema while also reducing pain by its effect on pain receptors.

8. Oral Health

cloves for dental health

You can use clove for tooth pain and even to prevent other issues

Many people take clove for painful gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Why? Clove bud extracts have been studied to significantly control the growth of the oral pathogens associated with these . Cloves can also be used for toothaches due to their pain-killing properties, so keep some handy next time you have a toothache or suspected cavity before you get to your doctor.

9. Love Making

Not only does the scent of clove provide a pleasant stimulatory atmosphere to put you in the mood, clove oil mixed with the proper carrier oil is also believed to help a man prolong his erection. So don’t forget to liven up romantic evenings with clove.

cloves with milk for headaches

Try this clove hack for headaches

10. Headaches

Many use cloves to reduce headaches. Just add some ground cloves with a dash of rock salt in a glass of milk. This mixture is said to reduce headaches quickly and effectively, so don’t take the chance on well known adverse reactions (like death) that could happen when you pop those innocent-looking Tylenol pills.

Want to Take it to the Next Level with Cloves?

So now that you know a bit about the benefits of clove, can you see why famous sailors like Magellan were willing to circumnavigate the planet to acquire this precious treasure?

Well the good news is that not only are fresh cloves readily available in places like Amazon, but you can also get the best cloves hacks and delicious recipes when you pick up your own supply today.

you can make delicious apple butter with cloves

Homemade apple butter prepared from home grown apples and cloves

Cloves has something for everyone, from crafts like orange pomander balls for decorations and gifts, to breath freshening, to mulled wine, delicious meats, and gut-healing applesauce, and even to hot drinks like cider and cocoa.

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clove secrets book pdf with purchase

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