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There’s No Place Like Home:  Get Started Dealing with Anxiety in an Effective Way

natural remedies for nervousness and anxiety
Relieve your suffering from anxiety with natural home remedies

Let’s face it:  Anxiety can be COMPLETELY crippling.

Many times you can push on when you are in a bad mood, when you’re sad, when you have a stomach ache, or even a headache, but anxiety and depression can get to the very core of one’s soul.  And though I’m known as a healer with my superfoods business, I am a case and point about how a nervous condition like anxiety can really shut you down like nothing else.

Anxiety is a group of mental health disorders comprising feelings of worry or fear that is strong enough to impair one’s daily activities. It may manifests as exaggerated stress to even a subtle event, with restlessness and difficulty to put a worrying into its proper perspective.

Though I could point to MANY places in my life where being anxious prevented me from doing normal things, my birthday is probably the best example of how I’ve let irrational fear prevent me from doing even basic things.

I think back to early elementary school. Not only was I terrified to go to school on the first day(s) of school.

deal with anxiety in important times in your life, you don't need to be anxious with these strategies
Anxiety can even be debilitating on happy events

 I was even fearful on my own birthday.

That’s right.

I was crippled with the most basic choices.

Was I supposed to get the door when Grandma came over? Was I supposed to shake her hand or hug her? What about a kiss in the cheek? What if my arm was off? What was I supposed to say when I opened my gift? Would she get mad if I didn’t react in the right way?

No doubt there was more than a biological reason for my neuroticism, but the truth of the matter is I also didn’t have the right strategies OR the right food to deal with anxiety, either then or later in my life.

That’s why I’d like to share with you how I gradually went from a nervous Nelly, completely unproductive because of the fears that held me back to going on to running a successful superfood business, where I’ve actually been able to help thousands of other people with their own health concerns (which actually relates to the third strategy below, that you will want to build up to).

First, it helps to remember that anxiety disorders are of various types.

Examples include generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder and phobias.

Anxiety disorders can be so disturbing and dangerous that they cause symptoms that lead to bigger problems: Nervousness, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, depression, and suicide, shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitation, hyperventilation and numbness of hands are just part of the scene.

While anxiety tends to put stress on your heart and lungs, chronic anxiety actually weakens the immune system and also makes the body susceptible to so many infections.

This is why it makes sense that Harvard Medical School studies have found a link between increased rate of anxiety and panic attacks and chronic respiratory disease (COPD), as well as excretory and digestive systems problems.

People with anxiety disorders are also at higher risk of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea.

treating stomach to over come anxiety, help anxiety by overcoming stomach issues
Anxiety often starts with a stomach ache

So what can you do?

First, there are many effective relaxation techniques that start with deep breathing.  Though these are not necessarily an instant fix, any of them can work well after a brisk walk or sedative to get you get more centered.

The most famous and perhaps effective among these techniques is from the Heartmath Corporation, which not only helps with biofeedback and games to help one synchronize one’s heart and nervous system to get completely relaxed, but they also produce music that brings the brain into a relaxed state as one goes from deep, relaxed breathing to positive joyful, peaceful emotions and positive thoughts.

But long term, the best thing to do about anxiety is the proper diet and the right kind of exercise.

Of course this first means avoiding certain foods. 

Processed foods, including sugary ones, are one of the main culprits that lead to or worsen anxiety.

Besides robbing the body of nutrients like vitamin B, essential fatty acids, and serotonin, these empty calorie foods also put the body on a roller coaster of highs and lows in blood sugar, which add to anxiety and depression.  Likewise, these foods usually lack protein, which helps with brain chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine, which carry important calming impulses between nerve cells.

And who can forget caffeine?  Not only does it present the same highs and lows one would experience with processed food, but it also acts like a diuretic, causing the body to be dehydrated, which leads to depression, much like alcohol, which does so more directly.

hiking for anxiety, hiking for treating anxiety
The best exercise for anxiety may actually be hiking

Exercise also provides and important foundation for the healing and strengthening of the body—even the nervous system. Think strength training, but also activities like hiking that are not only good for cardio benefits, improving mood, and reducing stress, but also great to connect to the healing power of nature.

Once you start getting out that nervous energy, it’s really important to start getting out of yourself too.

While you might feel like you are on the verge of hell, dealing with anxiety and depression bringing you to the brink, always remember that there are others out there feeling even worse than you.

Though you may not feel like you are able to help people in a psychiatric ward, you can actually feel a lot better doing something productive like volunteering at a cause you believe in, or just doing something productive like cleaning your home, or even just tidying up a room.  This well help you keep your mind busy while giving you a sense of accomplishment:  baby steps are the key!

Essential oils and herbs can gently but effectively work on anxiety
Essential oils and herbs can gently work on anxiety

Don’t forget good supplements like St John’s Wort and Valerian root, or herbs that can also be taken as teas, such as chamomile and peppermint.

While something can definitely be said about a good magnesium supplement to calm the body, one should also be aware of what has been called “The Calcium Lie”: the idea that calcium supplements, or even milk, can calcify rather than calm the body.  So it’s really best to get your calcium (in addition to a magnesium supplement) through vegetables to diminish irritability, heart palpitations, nervousness, excessive worrying and insomnia.

What About Essential Oils?

Sandalwood has had spiritual and cultural uses for centuries since it is a a strong and powerful anti-inflammatory agent with pronounced anti-infectious effects. It should be a handy weapon to help relieve anxiety symptoms.

Marjoram essential oil is also popular for many reasons, but most importantly its ability to soothe and relax muscles through its wonderful calming effect on the nervous system makes it a trustful aid for people dealing with anxiety, nervousness, irritability and stress overload.

Still yearning for a heavy hitter you can use every day, even with every meal?

black pepper for anxiety, black peppercorns for nervousness
Freshly milled black pepper goes well on food to treat anxiety

Black peppercorns have been used extensively for anxiety for centuries because of its myriad of positive effects. But why are they so effective for anxiety?

Pepper is a natural remedy that relieves pain, tension and aches. It also alleviates gastrointestinal problems like heartburn, discomfort etc (which often contribute to the anxiety in the first place).

With its nice and relaxing sensation of warmness, black pepper naturally gets you into the state of relaxing and seeing things in a redefined positive manner.  Yes, this hearty spice can even help your self esteem and self confidence level with its rich aroma, heightening alertness, serving as a mild stimulant for the body and mind, rather than a dazed useless stupor and hangover that come from anti-anxiety meds.

Learning how to use black pepper to alleviate anxiety is not difficult.

Start by massaging feet, back, and other sensitive areas whenever worries, fears and negative thoughts that could trigger an anxiety attack start creeping.

Then settle down with some delicious dishes like spicy chicken curry or exotic black pepper ice cream as you wind down your day.

As you take a deep whiff of some fragrant pepper and focus on your breathing, you will find that you will get your panic and anxiety issues under control with more and more ease.

Achieving a cure from anxiety and panic attacks is certainly possible using simple home remedies like black pepper, but it does take a concerted effort and a comprehensive approach.  But your investment of time and resources in getting your life is worth it.

Many before you have succeeded in changing their lives and even helping others get past worry to an abundant life of confidence and peace. So don’t put it off. Start implementing these changes for the better today and make your anxiety a thing of the past.

Are you ready for some stress busting meals?

Coconut Country Living has just come out with another sure winner of the Amazon’s Choice award to join its organic coconut oil and turmeric powder:

Coconut country living's organic fair trade pappercorns for anxiety
Black pepper tastes great on so many savory meals, but check out the sweet ones too its organic fair trade black peppercorns.  While we can’t recommend stale ground black pepper to help with anxiety, along with the measures above, using fresh ground black pepper is a great way to diminish anxiety as you replace foods that add agitation to your nervous system.

The good news is that not only will this black pepper be on sale in the first quarter of 2018, but it comes with a free guide of delicious recipes starring pepper created by best selling food author Michael DiSalvo.

free black pepper recipe book, black pepper recipes, recipes with black peppercorns
You can get Black Gold: Scrumptious Recipes with Black Pepper free when you try CCL’s organic fair trade black peppercorns.

Going organic for these delicious peppercorns means not only do you avoid the nasty health damaging chemicals that come with ordinary pepper, but you also protect the environment while getting maximum taste with these fresh corns that are sealed in mylar foil packaging.

So what are you waiting for?  Enjoy delicious recipes as you heal, and share them with your family.

And we will see you in Coconut Country.

Organic Fair Trade Black Peppercorns from Coconut Country Living

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