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How Curry Kicks Cancer in the Can: Research on Curcumin Turmeric and Tasty Treats for Cancer Prevention

The best uses of turmeric powder to boost the immune system

best turmeric supplement-turmeric milk-curcumin
There are plenty of turmeric ideas for a breakfast smoothie

Turmeric curcumin, a favorite ingredient people use in their daily cuisines

But did you know that turmeric and particularly its most dynamic compound curcumin have been found to have research based benefits for all sort of medical conditions to boost immunity as well?

That’s right, the spice turmeric, with its bright yellow-orange color, which is ordinarily utilized in curries and sauces has some special properties related to its curcuming.

Curcumin,  a Natural antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Compound

For those who doubt if curcumin works for cancer prevention, consider that even the National Cancer Institute has helped implicate curcumin as a powerful anticarcinogen, or substance that may help cure cancer. 1, 2, 3

The restorative properties in turmeric might improve immune system, even in individuals with immune disorders. 4

The “C” word.

“Cancer”, a word that strikes fear into everyone’s heart: Ultimately, it’s a big reason why curcumin fans love their turmeric.

Seemingly everyone in the western world knows someone who diagnoses by cancer, has lost someone to cancer, or has even faced a cancer diagnosis.

Yet also widely know in nutritional circles that the word cancer is almost completely absent

when associated with certain cuisines:  notably the tasty dishes, desserts, and delicious drinks made with turmeric.

What do researchers say about turmeric curcumin?

Though it is controversial to say turmeric or even its bioactive compound cures cancer, the research is clear:

The activity of turmeric’s most potent component curcumin has been studied to be effective against leukemia and lymphoma, gastrointestinal cancers, genitourinary cancers, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, lung cancer, melanoma, neurological cancers, and sarcoma.

Researchers are telling us curcumin is knocking out cancer in SO many ways: 

  • In cancer’s cell cycle, stopping the signalling in its pathways, 
  • Apoptosis, causing actual cancer cell,
  • Proliferation, stopping the spread of cancer cells
  • Survival, stopping cancer’s ability to be resilient
  • Invasion, preventing cancer from invading tissue
  • Angiogenesis, stopping the spread of cancer through new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels
  • Metastasis, stopping its spread from one organ to another
  • and even inflammation, yes it acts as a COX-2 inhibitor & more!

If turmeric were a fighter, it would be a Mike Tyson:  a balanced defense and offense, with a plethora of weapons, and a lethal blow. 

Turmeric as a blood purifying spice, gives health to the whole body, knocking out inflammation.

It also help you through cold & flu season with the best chin you need against the pathogens that face us today.

You probably know “curcumin” by its more common name of “turmeric”.  So let’s see if we can tease them apart…

boost immune system-curcumin-turmeric
Use Turmeric spice in cuisines for strengthen immune system

Facts about Turmeric Curcumin:

Long use as an herbal remedy for myriad ailments in Ayurvedic medicine, curcumin is a naturally occurring substance that can be purchased at any health food store or grocery store, though only certain store-buy turmeric actually will contain curcumin. 

The sad reality is that some companies actually make turmeric a sort of  “waste product” when its powerful curcumin is extracted.

This means spent turmeric, which has the same taste and appearance as regular turmeric, ends up at some stores. 

So Is Turmeric Powder Actually Better Than Whole Turmeric or Even Curcumin Alone?

There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether turmeric powder.

(fresh) and whole turmeric root, or extracted curcumin is the best choice for optimum health. 

While fresh turmeric can have more nutrients, it is often more difficult to get, harder to use in standard dishes, and takes more time to prepare. 

How Do You Take Turmeric Curcumin?

Likewise, curcumin, the most powerful compound in turmeric, has 100s of studies showing its effectiveness, though its usual pill form is not necessarily easy for the body to absorb. 

And since it is a supplement, one should also not take too much of it at one time.

Turmeric powder, on the other hand, is incredibly versatile in many dishes and drinks.  One can practically be consuming it throughout the day, daily, without any ill effects, since the accompanying food (if one follows the rules below) allows the body to tolerate more of it.

Having turmeric itself also has many more nutritional benefits:  essential minerals, including magnesium, potassium and calcium,

fiber, vitamin B6 and zinc, and even contains healthy amounts of vitamin C (especially important in flu season!)!

Ways to Consume Turmeric Curcumin Every Day

The easiest way to ingest curcumin is by dissolving a teaspoon of the turmeric powder into warm water.

Turmeric has an earthy almost sweet taste that may be argued to be acquired, but to increase absorption rates there are much better ways.

For example, by taking it with healthy fat and/or black pepper you can increase its bioavailability up to 2000%!

So, why not get the most from it with a curry cuisine that can convince your whole family that turmeric is terrific and terribly tasty?

Turmeric in Your Drinks

There are so many ways to go to have turmeric in hot & cold drinks with curcumin, but for a simple start try a turmeric latte

turmeric curcumin latte-improve immune system
Enjoy a turmeric latte for curcumin benefits

You can go either vegan or get back on the farm with raw whole milk if you have built up your gut sufficiently.

This will be anything at Starbuck’s:  Turmeric’s rich earthy sweet taste heals as you gulp it down.

Recipes of Turmeric Curcumin:

What is neat about so many turmeric recipes is that the black pepper isn’t absolutely necessary. This is because, with 100% turmeric, all the phytonutrients will be present.

This means you’ll be getting a nice dose of turmerones that aid in the absorption of your curcuminoids.  

Chicken Curry:  

There are many ways to have chicken curry, but ideally, you really want to start with responsibly raised chicken. (free-range and organic) that has received some TLC from your local farmer.

turmeric with black pepper chicken curry
Enjoy a turmeric chicken curry for curcumin benefits

For our purposes, pepper chicken curry is the perfect recipe not just because you can combine the three curcumin-releasing processes in one shot.

There are so many other medicinal spices like cinnamon you can add to boost the health & flavor kick.

Turmeric Chocolate

Don’t underestimate the power of PURE CHOCOLATE.  Using your own cocoa powder, or even better, cacao powder is a great way to get a highly absorbable form of curcumin. as turmeric easily blends into so many other ingredients you can put in your chocolate: 

Think walnuts, almonds, hemp seeds, maca powder, and ginger powder!

See our video below to see how easy it can be with ingredients like coconut butter and coconut sugar to feast your way to good health!

Coconut Flour Ginger Turmeric Muffins

Love baked goods?  Take advantage of the heat of baking and put a dash of black pepper in our recipe for turmeric ginger coconut flour muffins

Children will be climbing over each other to grab one of the chocolate chip or walnut varieties. 

Once again, you’ll have the benefit of all three ways to make curcumin more available, all while remaining low carb for breakfast, dessert, or any time!

Are you ready to get cooking with curcumin?

Your future self will thank you if you never have to deal with the negative health repercussions of a cancer diagnosis. 

Doing everything you can to maintain your health and well-being is truly one of the greatest riches.

It’s no wonder this golden spice is considered to be of such a great value with its wide range of healing powers.

Why would you not want to incorporate curcumin into your munchable menu with so many tasty options to choose from?

Types of Turmeric

So will any sort of turmeric make for a cooking cure?

Turmeric is an amazing spice that can be wielded in a powerful way if its curcumin is released, as we’ve seen the form of turmeric itself is also important.

Did you know, for example, that some of the bright yellow powder that makes it to the market is actually the result of lead chromate being added to it?

Scary as it is, terrible turmeric being sold under different labels may include chemicals, lead, or even pesticides that are NOT part of turmeric’s healing powder. But Don’t settle for tricky turmeric!

You and your health deserve better!

The good news is that Coconut Country Living’s turmeric, currently on special, has actually had its organic turmeric tested by the FDA for purity .

Because it is the ONLY turmeric our family uses for food, beauty, and pain and the same one our customer’s rave for.

What People Say:


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2019 pure turmeric review

Get Some Today!

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The FDA has hand tested CCL's turmeric powder

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Getting some incredibly versatile turmeric powder is a great way to invest in your health and learn the ancient secrets to the abundant life:  One that is not confined to shuffling your feet or wearing some medical device that embarrasses you in public, but instead puts some dance in your step!

turmeric helps old man dance
Let turmeric put some pep back in your step!


Don’t forget: it’s not just used for tasty turmeric tea,  but savory and sweet dishes too, from curries, to baked goods, to CHOCOLATE, all with what’s been called the world’s most amazing, healing spice!

So start your journey today by going to check Out CCL’s Organic Turmeric with TurmerTrue TM testing and we will look for you in Coconut Country!

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